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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Insurance Benefits

A common question that Michigan motorcycle riders have after an accident is, “Whose insurance pays my medical bills and wage loss?” As mentioned earlier, Michigan motorcycles are treated differently than cars or trucks. If you are in an accident in Michigan with another vehicle while riding your motorcycle, and your motorcycle has the requisite PLPD insurance, then the following is the order of priority as to who would pay Michigan’s no-fault benefits:

  1. The insurer of the owner/registrant of the motor vehicle involved in the accident
  2. The insurer of the operator of the motor vehicle involved in the accident.
  3. The insurer of the of the operator of the motorcycle involved in the accident. (That is, the insurance company who insures the operators car or trucks, even though not involved in the accident)
  4. The insurer of the owner/registrant of the motorcycle involved in the accident if different from the driver/operator. (That is, the insurance company who insures the owner of the motorcycles car or truck, even if it has nothing to do with the accident)

Tricky Motorcycle Accident Insurance Situations

With Michigan motorcycle accidents, several tricky situations can come up. For example, there are often times where two different insurance companies are in equal priority. It is very important that they are both put on notice right away. Also, sometimes the Michigan motorcycle driver may not have another vehicle and is hit by a driver who flees the accident. In this situation, the injured person driving the Michigan motorcycle would go to the Michigan Assigned Claims Facility (ACF). The ACF would step in and assign a Michigan Insurance Company to handle and pay all of the No-Fault benefits for the injured person.

Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Michigan Motorcycle Accident

The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Mike Morse Law Firm are experts in helping injured people get the compensation they deserve after a Michigan motorcycle accident. The rules are much more complicated than those that pertain to a traditional accident involving two cars or a car and a truck. Most lawyers do not understand the distinction.

Questions On Michigan Motorcycle Accident Laws? We Can Help

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