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As an alert driver, you regularly look around to be aware of the cars around you. As you do this, perhaps you see other drivers texting, focused on their car stereos, eating, or applying makeup. Any of these or other forms of distracted driving could cause these people to fail to notice you or your maneuvers at their side.

Consequently, someone could move into your lane and cause a sideswipe accident. At times, these are referred to as side-impact or broadside collisions. All such terms refer to a car accident in which the sides of two different vehicles collide or grate against each other.

Mike Morse Law Firm can provide you with the crucial assistance you need after a sideswipe accident in Michigan. Our lawyers demonstrate patience and kindness with our clients but can also be tenacious toward the case and the insurance companies so you get the best possible results. 

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The Dangers of Sideswipe Accidents

Nearly all sideswipe accidents occur while two vehicles travel side by side. These can also take place when one vehicle passes the other in the same or opposite direction. Specifically, the sideswipe is when one vehicle grates against the other. These accidents are usually connected to deliberate or accidental lane changes.

The causes of sideswipe accidents can range from an indiscernible blind spot to an indiscernible vehicle. It may be hard to make out a vehicle in heavy rain, bright sunlight, or similar conditions. 

The accident could also be the result of a deliberate lane change. This might be done dangerously or negligently.

A sideswipe accident caused by an unintentional lane departure usually results because of negligence. Alcohol or drug use and fatigue can also play a part. Additionally, a driver might maneuver suddenly in order to avoid an obstacle in the road. This can facilitate a sideswipe crash.

Although seldom, a sudden vehicle breakdown or malfunction can cause a sideswipe. This is true for medical emergencies as well. Though uncommon, as the driver struggles to maintain physical control, he or she could cause this kind of accident.

Sideswipe Accidents Can Cause Further Accidents

Sideswipe collisions can be serious or disastrous. In an effort to avoid being sideswiped, or in a reaction to the sideswipe, a driver could exit his or her lane, consequently colliding head-on into a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

A sideswipe could also cause erratic driving patterns by nearby drivers. To avoid sideswiping vehicles, they might attempt to maneuver away. This could be the catalyst for a multi-vehicle accident.

Causes of Sideswipe Accidents

There are a variety of causes of sideswipe accidents. In Michigan, Mike Morse Law Firm can assist clients with any kind of sideswipe case, including the following.

Excessive speeds

Driving at excessive speeds can significantly increase the likelihood of a collision or sideswipe. When traveling at higher speeds, cars are more difficult to control and direct. The danger increases when a car takes evasive maneuvers to avoid danger.


A driver may be compelled to move into the adjacent lane to avoid an issue ahead. For example, in a construction or school zone, a driver traveling at excessive speeds could overreact. In a short period of time, literally less than a second perhaps, the driver could try to change lanes without checking his surroundings. Thus, to avoid a collision ahead, he could collide with a vehicle to the side.

Refusal to yield

As we learned in high school physics, no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. The practical application of this truth is evident when vehicles merge. When a driver merges into a new lane and neither vehicle yields, a sideswipe can occur.

Reckless driving 

Drivers who move their vehicles with dangerous maneuvers can cause a sideswipe collision. This would include aggressive driving with repeated and persistent lane changes or failing to allow sufficient space between vehicles. In addition, speeding increases the chances of a sideswipe accident.

Impaired driving 

Driving requires alertness and competent motor skills. An animal or child could suddenly run out in front of a car. Loose debris could fall from another vehicle. And weather conditions could make driving dangerous. These and countless other circumstances can happen while driving. A driver impaired by alcohol or drugs could react poorly in these situations and sideswipe another vehicle.

There are other possible causes of sideswipe accidents as well. Please speak to an accident attorney with Mike Morse Law firm. We can help you discern the contributing factors of your accident, determine who is responsible, and discover why.

Types of Compensation You Can Receive

Whether the sideswipe accident only caused physical damage to the cars or if the damages and injuries were much worse, you may be able to be compensated.

As Michigan’s largest personal injury law firm with more than 25 years of experience and over $1.5 billion dollars won for our clients, we have the knowledge and experience backing us up so we can help our clients receive the compensation they require.

Compensation for sideswipe accident cases could include the following:

  • Loss and destruction of property (in particular, the car)
  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages from an absence of work due to injuries that resulted from the accident
  • Pain and suffering including both physical pain and emotional trauma

There also may be other types of compensation you can receive depending on the circumstances and conditions of your case. Our team at Mike Morse Law Firm can analyze your claim to help determine the amount of compensation you may qualify for. We are highly experienced in auto accident cases and can help you get the maximum settlement possible.

Our Sideswipe Accident Lawyers Want You to Win What You Deserve

Regardless of how your sideswipe accident occurred, there are financial, mental, and emotional consequences. Although the severity of these consequences is different for each accident, what remains the same is that you deserve to be compensated as a victim.

It is our goal to help you receive the legal information and aid that gets you peace of mind after your accident. In 2018, we won over $160 million for our clients. We want to lend our experience and professionalism to help you receive the compensation you deserve as well.

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