Michigan’s Largest Personal Injury Law Firm

Michigan’s Largest Personal Injury Law Firm


Good News for Millions of Americans: Federal Ban on Noncompete Agreements May Improve Your Rights as an Employee.

For many years it felt like employers had the upper hand over their dedicated workers. Corporate executives and senior managers seemingly held all the cards – setting salaries, establishing work rules, deciding upon benefit options, hiring and firing staff members at will, even forcing employees to sign what many considered to be onerous noncompete agreements. But then...

Recent Changes to Your No-Fault Policy’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits May Put You at Risk

Not long ago, Michiganders with car insurance enjoyed some of the most comprehensive protection available anywhere in America if they were hurt in an automobile accident. Unlimited Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits – which were formerly mandated by the state’s No-Fault auto insurance law – ensured that injured Michigan drivers and their passengers could receive...

Understanding Your Rights After a Michigan Amusement Park Accident

With summer vacation right around the corner, now is probably a good time to discuss your family’s personal safety at some of Michigan’s most popular tourist attractions: our state’s wonderful amusement and theme parks. Because despite the best of intentions, and even with the most careful attention to their upkeep, it’s certainly possible to be injured when...

Michigan Ranks in the Top 10 States for Dog Bites. This Is What Delivery Drivers Should Do if They’re Bitten.

The vintage TV trope of mailmen being victimized by neighborhood dogs is far from a cliche – especially here in the Great Lakes State. That’s because Michigan is among the top 10 states nationally for dog attacks on postal workers. And with the ever-increasing number of drivers working for services like Amazon, UPS, Fedex, DoorDash, Uber Eats,...

How the Oxford Shooter Case Could Redefine Michigan Liability Laws

You’ve probably heard about court proceedings surrounding the parents of convicted Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley. In February and March 2024 respectively, Jennifer and James Crumbley were each convicted of involuntary manslaughter for negligent actions that led to their son’s earlier conviction for various crimes including first degree murder and terrorism causing death. This month, both of Ethan Crumbley’s...

MIKE MORSE LAW FIRM Teacher Appreciation Giveaway

The Mike Morse Law Firm prides itself on furthering students’ education, and we love to show our appreciation to those educators who lead the way! During this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ll select five local educators to win a $250 VISA gift card! Our teachers play a crucial role in our students’ lives and community, and...

Daycare Injuries and Neglect: Warning Signs and Legal Actions to Take

  We’ve all heard instances of children being harmed in daycare settings across Michigan. You may remember the incident when one child in a Garden City daycare facility shoved another youngster into a clothes dryer and turned it on, fortunately causing only minor injuries. Or perhaps you’ll recall the metro Detroit toddler who was reported to have suffered...

Peripheral Nerve Damage – the “Invisible,” Lingering Injury

Unlike cuts and abrasions, broken bones, or internal injuries to the body’s vital organs – all of which usually can be directly observed and treated by doctors and surgeons – peripheral nerve damage (sometimes called peripheral neuropathy) can be an insidious form of injury which is difficult to diagnose and equally challenging to treat. Many parts of the...

It’s About to Be April 20th… Which Means It’s Time to Get into the Weeds of Michigan’s Marijuana Laws

[Editor’s note: on April 30th, 2024, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration proposed a major shift to classify marijuana as a “less dangerous” drug. ]   Along I-75 north of Toledo, and in numerous other locations statewide, you can observe countless billboards attempting to lure residents and travelers alike to visit nearby cannabis retailers – all...

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