Project Backpack 2019

What You’ll Find in a Child’s Backpack You might be surprised at what you’ll find in your child’s backpack. Scratch the surface and, of course, you’ll come up with notebooks, pencils, crayons, maybe a half-eaten candy bar or an almost late homework assignment.  But dig deeper and you’ll discover hope, opportunity, confidence and caring—the things […]

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana: How Much is Too Much?

Now that marijuana is legal in Michigan, its impact on driving and driver safety has become an issue. More to the point, the ability to determine sobriety is in question. Here is some information that may be helpful for you to better understand how Michigan is responding. In Michigan, marijuana is still considered a Schedule […]

10 Ways to Give Back to Your Community this Spring

Spring is a time when nature gives everything back. We regain daylight. The leaves on the trees come back, flowers bloom again, and warmer weather returns. (So do potholes, but I’ll blame those on semi-trailers.)   Spring is also a good time for us to give back.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas […]

Amended “Move Over” Law Provides Expanded Protection and Much-Needed Guidance for Michigan Motorists

In the first two months of 2019, according to the Detroit Free Press, at least a dozen Michigan state police vehicles were struck while patrolling.  The Emergency Responder Safety Institute, an organization of public safety and transportation experts, reports that six to eight fire rescue and EMS responders, and 10 to 12 police officers, are […]

Humane Heroes

Ride-along ‘unleashes’ $100,000 gift to prevent animal cruelty, keep families together Not too long ago, I had the privilege of joining the Animal Cruelty Unit of the Humane Society on a ride along. What an eye-opening experience. These people are amazing and do amazing work. They don’t just help animals that are victims, they educate…

Detroit Expected to See a Retail Promenade next to Fox Theater by Summer

Detroit saw some major changes as soon as Olympia Development announced the planned development of Little Caesars World Headquarters. The establishment is expected to be built at Woodward Avenue and Columbia Street. Along with the restaurant, a retail establishment has also been planned on Columbia Street and according to the latest news, the plans seem…

Racquet Up Students Bring Squash Title to Detroit

Much like how Detroit seems to be picking up as a city, it seems to be doing well in the sports department as well. Following years of domination by the kids on the East Coast, Detroit has finally been able to clinch the National Urban Squash Team Championships. Six young men, namely Aaron Levy, Edward…

Great Lakes Nature Center to be Built in Macomb County by the Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoological Society recently announced the construction of the Great Lakes Nature Center. The building is planned to go up in Macomb County, whose representatives also participated in the project’s unveiling. The entire project will cost around $10 million to complete and will be done on the Macomb County shore. The Nature Center will become…

Students May Receive Free Laptops

A short visit to the Cookie STEM Academy brought with it many unique and fantastic experiences. A number of kindergarten students happened to be playing and drawing on an electronic whiteboard, apparently taking part in an educational exercise. The next task at hand for them involved playing word games with cookie monsters. It was an…