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Grand Rapids, MI, Motorcycle Accident LawyerAre you a motorcyclist who uses your given name, or do you prefer to go by a name like “Drifter”? Either way, you may feel that there is no better way to travel I-196, or anywhere else in Grand Rapids, MI, than by motorcycle. Yet, your ride can quickly become an accident when someone else is careless.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mike Morse Law Firm knows you have been through enough. We want you to have some peace of mind. With our personal injury lawyers on your case, you can trust that your case will receive the professional attention it deserves. Yet, we are not cold, robotic lawyers. An attorney from our law firm will treat you with the patient kindness you require while recovering from your Grand Rapids motorcycle accident.

Call us now to schedule a FREE consultation with an attorney. Our motorcycle accident lawyers proudly serve Grand Rapids, MI. We charge NO FEES until we win your case. We are Mike Morse Law Firm, and you can reach us at 855-MIKE-WINS for help with your case. We will fight hard to get you the money and peace of mind you deserve.

Why Call a Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Healing from your injuries after a Grand Rapids motorcycle accident involves more than just working on feeling better physically. It includes mental and emotional care as well. This comes from restoring your life to the way it was before the accident and its injuries. Unfortunately, reaching this goal will not be easy.

Insurance companies and the negligent parties that caused your motorcycle accident will often be sluggish to help you. They may even outrightly resist or deny your claim. This is why having a motorcycle accident lawyer knowledgeable of Michigan law on your side is essential.

A poised, shrewd motorcycle accident attorney will quickly begin to work diligently on your behalf. He or she can negotiate with and persuade insurance companies to cooperate with your interest. Our lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm, serving Grand Rapids, Michigan, work strenuously to get our clients compensation for their injuries following an accident.

Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Drivers in Michigan, and really everywhere, should receive consideration and respect. This same goes for motorcycle riders. The small size and limited protection provided by a motorcycle can result in severe accidents and injuries to the rider. Simple fender-bender accidents between cars can be much worse for a motorcycle and its rider.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the driver of a car or truck to be negligent. Due to this negligence, motorcycle accidents can happen. Some of the most common mistakes made by negligent automobile drivers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that result in motorcycle accidents and injuries are:

  • Failing to stop completely when turning right at a red stoplight
  • Ignoring a red light or stop sign and not seeing the motorcyclist
  • Distracted driving, which includes the use of a cell phone and talking to passengers
  • Texting, reading, or composing some type of digital message
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Failing to check the surroundings completely when changing lanes
  • Driving at dangerous speeds
  • Failing to allow a sufficiently safe distance between vehicles
  • Failing to check blind spots before moving into another lane

Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of the various causes of personal injury cases for a motorcycle accident. To determine for certain what caused your motorcycle accident and who to pursue for compensation, consult a motorcycle accident lawyer with our law firm.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers serving Grand Rapids, MI, can examine the details of your case. We can unravel both the cause of your accident and who is accountable. Contact us to schedule a FREE case review with an attorney today.

Do I Have a Case?

Types of Compensation You Can Receive

Motorcycle accidents lead to injuries that can be both severe and long-lasting. These injuries can result in scars that require a long time to heal. There might be medical bills that persist for years to come. It is crucial for you to receive the financial restitution you qualify for after your accident. A motorcycle accident attorney with Mike Morse Law Firm can give you that guidance.

After motorcycle accidents, there are often difficult financial hardships to overcome. To help you economically, both during your recovery and in the future, you will need financial compensation. The law in Michigan acknowledges this. An attorney from our skillful and experienced law firm will spare no effort to get you the compensation you deserve under the law.

Compensation for personal injury cases may consist of the following.

  • Medical expenses for current and future care
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering that you experience after the accident, including both physical and emotional distress
  • Therapy
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Repair or replacement of the motorcycle

Contact a motorcycle accident attorney with Mike Morse Law Firm to get the legal advice and help that will make a difference for you. With a lawyer from our team on your side, you can receive valuable help with your personal injury case in Grand Rapids, MI.

When we take on your case, our motorcycle accident attorneys will put our expertise to work for you. We will go the distance to ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Serving Grand Rapids, MI, Are Interested in You

Law firms in Michigan are like motorcycles: Each one is customized a bit differently. After your accident, you will want to work with a legal team that matches the specific needs of your case. Our top-rated Grand Rapids personal injury lawyers have the experience to understand this. That’s why we will pay as much attention to your case as you do your carburetor.

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, there is tremendous physical pain and mental stress. Further, financial anxiety can feel like a huge weight that you can’t shake off. Our team intends to reduce your stress and anxiety even as we fight for your case. To reach this goal, our legal team works on a contingency-fee-basis. This means you will not have to pay anything unless we get you the restitution you deserve.

Contact us and get support with a motorcycle accident attorney from Michigan’s largest personal injury firm. Our aim is to get motorcycle accident victims’ lives in Grand Rapids, MI, back on the right road again. Schedule a FREE consultation with us, and we will put our expertise to work for you. Call Mike Morse Law Firm at 855-MIKE-WINS, and we will help you, as we have so many others.

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