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Michigan Electric Scooter Accidents

If you or a loved one have been injured in an electric scooter car accident, the financial burden often compounds the physical trauma. Michigan’s laws regarding no-fault insurance, motor vehicle and auto insurance can be confusing. An experienced personal injury attorney with a solid understanding of Michigan law can help victims and their families seek the justice they deserve.

Mike Morse Law Firm is the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan and serves residents of Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Detroit and all other areas of Michigan. Mike Morse is a native of Detroit and is dedicated to helping Michigan accident victims receive the compensation they deserve. With over 28 years in practice, Mike Morse and his team, have the experience required to successfully litigate your personal injury case.

For a risk-free, no obligation case evaluation, contact Mike Morse Law Firm at 855-MIKE-WINS or visit www.855mikewins.com for access to an electronic contact form. Mike Morse will determine if you have a case within 2 hours. Contact Mike Morse Law Firm today.

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What to do After a Electric Scooter Accident

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The increased use of scooters in Michigan has inevitably led to an increase in electric scooter accidents and, unfortunately, a sharp rise in personal injury. USA Today reports that 40,000 injuries from electric scooters were treated in emergency rooms from 2014 through 2018, and the incidences of scooter injuries continues to rise. Sadly, some of the injuries reported are severe head injuries that can cause lasting and permanent damage.

Michigan’s laws regarding electric scooters have been put in place to protect riders from electric scooter accidents, but not everyone follows the rules and riders can be injured due to no fault of their own.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a scooter accident, the attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm are available to answer any questions you may have about your case. Contact the injury lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 855-MIKE-WINS.

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I’d like to thank Mr. Morse and the entire staff for the wonderful job they all did in bringing me such a large settlement. I will recommend this law firm to any and all who may inquire about the matters of personal injury. I’d like to thank Julie and Debbie for all their calls and contributing work, and JoAnn. God bless you all.

Larry A.

Every person I was in contact with made me feel like I was important. The accident changed my life in a second. What do you do? Who can help you? I have no income now. Huge medical bills. Mike got on it within days. It was a true comfort to have them all backing me up.

Lisa H.

“Trisha was great at answering all of my questions. I didn’t waste any time and just went with the best. The haven’t managed to build such a reputable brand for no apparent reason, obviously they do a great job for their clients.”

Mike C.

Electric Scooter Accident FAQ

What are the Personal Injury Compensation For E-Scooter Accidents?

If you have been injured in a scooter accident you may be entitled to receive compensation for economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages may include:

  • Medical Bills incurred in the accident and future expenses that will be incurred as the full extent of your injuries is determined.

  • Lost Wages and Income that you would have earned during the recovery process.

  • Decreased Earning capacity or decreased ability to earn a living in the future.

  • Cost of rehabilitation.

Non-economic damages may include:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Disfigurement

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Physical impairment

If an electric scooter accident results in the death of a loved one, due to the negligent actions of another person, a wrongful death claim can be made by the surviving family.

Wrongful death settlement claims may include:

  • Medical Bills accrued until the time of death

  • Lost Wages

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Loss of Companionship

  • Funeral and Burial Costs

What are the Common Electric Scooter Injuries?

Much like motorcycle riders and pedestrians, electric scooter riders are extremely vulnerable while traveling. Electric scooters do not offer much in the way of protection from an accident and when confronted with a car or truck, the results can be devastating and even deadly.

Injuries from scooter accidents involving a motor vehicle can be some of the most serious, but any accident can cause significant injury. Common injuries from electric scooter accidents are:

  • Broken Bones, particularly to the nose and face.

  • Neck Fractures

  • Lacerations

  • Closed Head Injuries

  • Severe Road Rash

  • Blunt Chest Trauma

  • Blunt Abdominal Trauma

  • Internal Bleeding

  • Arm and Leg Fractures

If you have been injured in a Detroit, Michigan accident involving an electric skateboard, a personal injury attorney can help navigate the complicated process of negotiating with insurance companies, understanding Michigan no-fault insurance laws, and gather information you need to know to successfully settle your case. Mike Morse Law Firm has successfully won over $1 billion dollars in settlement amounts for their clients. Call Mike Morse at 855-MIKE-WINS to set up your free case review today.

What are Electric Scooter Accident?

The definition of what qualifies as an electric scooter varies from place to place. Often, other modes of travel are included in the electric scooter category, such as electric skateboards, e scooters, and mo-peds. In Michigan, electric scooters fall into the electric skateboard category as defined by Michigan Vehicle Code 257.13f.

“Electric Skateboard means a wheeled device that has a floorboard designed to be stood upon when riding that is no more than 60 inches long and 18 inches wide, is designed to transport only 1 person at a time, has an electrical propulsion system with power of no more than 2,500 watts, and has a maximum speed on a paved level surface of not more than 25 miles per hour. An electric skateboard may have handlebars and, in addition to having an electrical propulsion system with no more than 2,500 watts, may be designed to also be powered by human propulsion.”

In 2108, 5.5 million electric scooters were sold around the world and Statista reports that projected retail sales of electric scooters and bicycles will reach 50 million in the coming year. There are many reasons the use of electric scooters is gaining in popularity around the world and in Michigan.

Electric scooters are cheaper to operate than gas-powered vehicles and cheaper to purchase than a fully electric car. Some cities offer electric scooter rentals and ride share options. Unlike traditional bicycles, which can be quite strenuous to operate, electric scooters are relatively effortless, and scooter riders can go about their day without looking or feeling like they just finished a workout at the gym. Electric transportation is easy on the environment, emits zero exhaust and is very quiet to operate.

All new trends come with a learning curve and electric scooters, and electric skateboards, are no exception. Laws and ordinances governing Michigan electric scooter use have been enacted to keep riders and the public safe and limit scooter injuries. If you are a scooter rider or are considering becoming one, it is important that you understand the statutes regulating electric scooters, skateboards, and mo-peds. Mike Morse Law Firm is Michigan’s largest personal injury law firm. For questions regarding electric scooter injury law, call Mike Morse at 855-439-0159.

What are the Electric Scooter Regulations In Michigan?

Use of electric scooters is governed by safety regulations under Michigan law. It is important that electric scooters are operated within the bounds of these laws to help avoid accidents and injuries.

Can I Carry A Passenger on My Scooter?

No. Current Michigan code prohibits electric scooters from carrying more than one person.

Do I Have To Wear A Helmet?

Maybe. Riders under 19 must wear a crash helmet while riding an electric scooter or skateboard in Michigan. If you are over 21 years old and meet the qualifications for riding a motorcycle without a helmet, then you also qualify to ride an electric scooter without a helmet. It is always a good idea to wear a helmet to protect yourself from serious injuries while riding an electric scooter.

Can My Child Ride An Electric Scooter On Public Streets?

Michigan statute prohibits anyone under the age of 12 from riding an electric skateboard on a public highway or street.

Can I Ride An Electric Scooter On Michigan Roads and Sidewalks?


  • Pedestrian sidewalks can be used by electric skateboards and scooters, but pedestrians always have the right-of-way and scooter riders must give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian.

  • Electric scooters can be ridden on Michigan streets by everyone except children 12 years old and younger.

  • Scooters must stay to the right side of the road, as far as it is practical

  • Unless riding on a pathway specifically designed for scooters, you cannot have more than two riders side by side.

  • If a bicycle path is available and usable and adjacent to a street, a scooter rider may be required to use that path according to local ordinance.

  • Passing is prohibited between lines of traffic, but passing is allowed on the left of traffic moving in the same direction.

  • Electric scooters have a speed limit of 25 mph.

Michigan’s counties, cities, and villages are allowed to pass local ordinances regarding the use of electric scooters and skateboards. Riders are encouraged to check their local laws for any rules that may differ according to their specific location.

In the days and weeks that follow a electric scooter accident, it is common to feel anxious and overwhelmed. You deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you have suffered following your injuries, but the process to file a claim, communicate with insurance companies, and understand your legal options may feel like too much to handle alone.

That is why the team at Mike Morse Law Firm is here to help 24/7. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with legal representation they can rely on, and we are always ready to go the distance to help our clients.

Need answers? We are available to answer all the questions you may have, including information on your insurance policies, the statute of limitations for claims in Michigan, and whether or not you should file a lawsuit after your accident.

With over 25 years of experience in defending personal injury victims, we are well-versed in Michigan laws and have the resources and knowledge needed to fight for you. Let our local electric scooter accident lawyers put their expertise to work for you and your family.

Call us today at 855-MIKE-WINS to talk with one of our electric scooter accident lawyers in a free consultation. We are also available 24/7 by text at 833-898-6453.

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