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Personal Injury Lawyers In Ypsilanti, MI

When you find yourself in need of personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti, MI, the Mike Morse Law Firm has you covered. As Michigan’s largest personal injury law firm, we serve injured clients throughout the state and are here to help you regardless of which type of accident caused your injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Ypsilanti, MI


Our team of experienced, dedicated attorneys at the Mike Morse Law Firm practice only personal injury law. To help you better understand exactly what we do, the following paragraphs set forth some of our numerous practice areas.

Car Accident Lawyers

Should you become involved in a car accident in Ypsilanti, each attorney on our team of compassionate lawyers understands the physical, emotional and financial trauma you’re going through. We believe that you deserve to be compensated for your injuries to the maximum extent allowable by law, and that’s just what we set out to do for you.

Truck Accident Lawyers

It goes without saying that if a semi-truck or large tractor-trailer hits you in Ypsilanti, the results can be devastating. Both you and your passengers can sustain major injuries, and your vehicle may well be totaled. Representation by the competent, experienced Mike Morse Law Firm MI personal injury lawyers can ease your burdens and get you the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, pedestrian safety is a growing concern in Michigan. If a car, truck or bus hits you while you’re walking on an Ypsilanti sidewalk or street, know that the Mike Morse Law Firm stands ready, willing and able to protect your right to be compensated by the person whose negligence or carelessness caused the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you’re one of the many people who enjoys riding a motorcycle, you know that you have very little protection should you crash. You can suffer catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident, including the loss of a limb. Once again, the Mike Morse Law Firm personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti, MI, are here to help you recover from your injuries to the greatest extent possible.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers

As with motorcycle injuries, bicycle accident injuries can be extremely severe. Obviously, your bicycle is no match for a car, truck or bus. Even if you ride in one of Ypsilanti’s designated bicycle lanes, you have no assurance that a motor vehicle won’t suddenly veer into your lane and strike you. Our personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti, have a thorough understanding of the various types of damages that may be available to you, and we are aware of the various factors that compensation amounts. We can therefore help you prepare a solid case and represent you properly.

Dog Bite Lawyers

Few events are as traumatic, especially for a child, as being attacked and bitten by a dog. Dog bite injuries can, and often do, require stitches and can leave lasting scars, both physical and emotional. Should a dog attack you or your child in Ypsilanti, rest assured that the Mike Morse Law Firm MI personal injury lawyers are well versed in all aspects of Michigan dog bite law and the responsibility placed on negligent or careless dog owners.

Premises Liability Lawyers

Falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries in Michigan and throughout the country. These serious injuries, known as TBIs in the medical community, happen when your head striks a hard surface with enough force to cause your brain to “slosh around” inside your skull.

Should you fall and sustain a TBI in Ypsilanti, your injuries could result in a lifetime of disability, including such things as the following:

  • Vision deterioration, up to total blindness
  • Hearing deterioration, up to complete deafness
  • Balance and mobility problems
  • Speech problems
  • Cognitive dysfunction

Needless to say, such possible catastrophic results from a fall could leave you with a lifetime of medical and care expenses. The good news is that you are entitled to seek compensation from the property owner on whose premises you fell. You can trust your Mike Morris Law Firm personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti, MI, to give you the crucial legal advice and counsel you need to establish a case against the property owner and then do battle with his or her insurance company to get you a favorable settlement or jury verdict.

Discovering Ypsilanti


Now that you know that the Mike Morris Law Firm personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti, MI, have you covered no matter what unfortunate event may befall you in Ypsilanti, let’s switch gears and tell you more about this beautiful Detroit suburb.

What To Do While Visiting Ypsilanti


Located a mere 36 miles from downtown Detroit, Ypsilanti is a must-see destination for tourists and vacationers alike. Here are just a few of the places you and your family will surely want to visit.

Rolling Hills Water Park

This huge water park isn’t just for swimming. It features a number of attractions, including:

  • River float trips
  • Surfing wave pool
  • Water slides
  • Activity pool for the little ones
  • Sunbathing on one of our sun decks

There’s even an annual Doggy Dip the Saturday after Labor Day!

Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum

If you’re into classic cars, be sure to visit the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum. Here you will find many of the classic beauties you remember from your childhood or have heard about from your grandparents.

Michigan Firehouse Museum

If your tastes run more toward fire trucks, then the Michigan Firehouse Museum is for you. With over 26,000 square feet of display space, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of old and new fire engines and all the equipment and gear that go with them.

Ypsilanti Puttery Golf & Games

This Ypsilanti attraction offers fun for the whole family. including a miniature golf course, batting cages and a full-scale 54-hole golf course.

Ypsilanti Museum & Archives

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like back in the 1800s, the Ypsilanti Museum & Archives will let you experience exactly that. As a quest in our 19th Century home, you’ll be able to help prepare a meal on a wood stove, do laundry without electricity, and imagine (probably not so favorably) how it would be to stay overnight in a home without indoor plumbing.

Vietnam War Memorial

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., the Ypsilanti Vietnam War Memorial gives you the chance to see a scaled-down version of it without having to go to the East Coast to do so. This 22′ x 15′ replica is made of black granite. Its five sides represent the five armed forces services, and it lists the names of all those who sacrificed their lives in the Vietnam War.

Depot Town

For some of the best shopping to be found in Ypsilanti, be sure to visit Depot Town. Here you will find numerous antique, collectible and specialty shops, a Farmer’s Market, and an aray of restaurants serving everything from deli sandwiches to gourmet coffees to sit-down meals.

Decode Ypsilanti

Voted the number two escape room in the country, Decode Ypsilanti gives you and your kids the chance to solve challenging fun puzzles in exciting, other-world settings. This is definitely a kid-friendly place, sure to please the entire family.

Ypsilanti Advantages


All in all, Ypsilanti is a great place to visit, a great place to live, and a great place in which to work. It’s also a great place to feel secure, knowing that your Mike Morse Law Firm MI personal injury lawyers are available to help you 24/7 if the unexpected happens and you sustain injuries in some type of accident.

Since our founding in 1995, we have recovered $1.5 billion for our injured clients. Some of our recent results include:

  • $9.6 million for the victim of a motorcycle accident
  • $8.3 million for the victim of a car crash
  • $4.3 million for the victim of a bus accident
  • $1.7 million for the victim of a rear-end collision

While no reputable lawyer can guarantee the results of a personal injury lawsuit, our track record speaks for itself and assures you that we know what we’re doing and we do it well. We also value our reputation as a compassionate, caring law firm that provides outstanding personalized service to our injured clients. We respond to your questions in a timely fashion and always keep you fully updated on the status and progress of your case.

In addition, you will be glad to know that we never charge you an up-front attorney fee. In fact, you owe us nothing unless and until we favorably resolve your case.

Finally, the Mike Morse Law Firm, your personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti, MI, makes it easy for you to contact us whenever you need us, even on an evening, a weekend, or some other time outside of regular business hours. Simply call us or fill out and submit the convenient Free Case Evaluation form on our website. So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, contact us today. We exist only for the purpose of helping you in your time of need.

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