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Michigan City-Specific Dog Leash Laws

The leash law for the state of Michigan dictates that whenever dogs are not on their owner’s property, they must be restrained with a leash. Furthermore, if a female dog is in heat, it must not leave the owner’s property at all, unless the female dog is held properly in a leash.

Cities and townships within Michigan often choose to expand on this law with their own animal control ordinances. Some examples within the counties of Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb include:

  • Farmington Hills
  • Novi
  • Southfield
  • Dearborn
  • Detroit
  • Livonia
  • Warren

Farmington Hills Dog Leash Laws

Dogs in the public domain must be continuously connected to a sturdy leash, which is appropriate for restraining that dog’s size. The leash can be no more than fifteen feet long. The person holding the leash must be someone who could be expected to prevent the dog from escaping their control. Animals that are deemed dangerous are not allowed to be outside an escape-proof enclosure on their owner’s property unless they are muzzled properly, and held on a leash by an appropriate guardian.

Novi Dog Leash Laws

With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are allowed in public buildings, public beaches, or other park areas that prohibit animals. Where allowed, dogs must be kept on a leash no more than six feet long and they must remain restrained by the owner or other person responsible for the dog. When in the boundaries of a Novi dog park, visitors must obey the rules of the city dog park. To disobey may result in a misdemeanor.

Southfield Dog Leash Laws

In the city of Southfield, the leash law simply states that anyone having custody of or being responsible for the care of a dog or cat, is expected to continuously keep the animal under reasonable control with a leash or confined to his or her property.

Detroit Dog Leash Laws

It is considered unlawful in Detroit for a dog owner to allow their pet to stray from their own residence, unless the animal is held properly by a leash or under other restraint. Police dogs engaged in police activity are exempt from this ordinance.

Livonia Leash Laws

Though the Michigan state law dictates that dogs must be on a leash in public, Livonia ordinance only emphasizes that the dog must “be under reasonable control”. This could be by voice command or otherwise. However, when in a public park, all dogs and cats must wear a leash held by a responsible party.

Dearborn Dog Leash Laws

Unless confined within a crate or automobile, dogs are only allowed to be in a public place when a person of apt ability holds them by a leash of appropriate length and strength. Failure to do so will be considered negligent behavior.

Warren Dog Leash Laws

No animals are allowed onto any park or playground in Warren. (This does not include dog parks.) It is also against the law for any dog to be in other public places within the city, unless the dog is bound with a leash of sufficient strength to restrain the dog that it may be kept under the control of the person accompanying it. Dogs are only allowed onto private property – other than their own – with or without a leash, when permission has been granted by the occupant of the private property.
If convicted at least twice for violating these rules within five years, all dogs within the owner’s control will have to remain inside a fenced enclosure, or be leashed whenever the dogs are outside.

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