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What To Do After Suffering A Michigan Dog Bite

Thinking clearly in the face of a Michigan dog bite isn’t easy. Tuck away these tips now in case a dog bite arises later. You’ll be grateful you did.

  1. Identify the dog as specifically as possible. “A German Shepard puppy with light brown markings around its face” is much more helpful than “a big brown dog.” If you can get the dog’s name, even better. Knowing the dog that bit you is crucial to seeking compensation, as well as for determining if the dog has any contagious diseases, such as rabies.
  2. Seek medical treatment. Skin lacerations can easily become infected. Inform your doctor exactly what happened, and let her know the dog’s breed. Different dogs present different health risks.
  3. Photograph your injuries. Taking pictures of your injuries as soon as possible helps pinpoint the severity of the attack. If you cannot take pictures, contact The Mike Morse Law Firm for personal assistance right at your home.
  4. Notify the authorities.An investigation carried out by police or animal control provides a formal record of events, witnesses, dog ownership and statements. Additionally, reporting your incident will help protect others from attack.
  5. Gather information. Similar to gathering information after a car accident, you’ll want to record as many details as you can. Note the dog’s breed and name, along with the owner’s name and address. Take pictures of the area where the attack took place, and gather the names and addresses of all witnesses.
  6. Stay involved. Keep track of how the authorities are proceeding. The dog should not be put to sleep, as DNA or a cast of the dog’s mouth might be needed for your case.
  7. Make no statements before consulting The Mike Morse Law Firm. You might be asked for statement from individuals seeking to limit their own liability. Contact our offices first. Our experienced professionals will guide you through this stressful time.

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