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Protecting Yourself From Michigan Dog Bite Liability

Dogs bite close to 4.7 million Americans each year. About 800,000 of these dog bites require medical attention. If your dog were to bite, would you be covered?

Due to the alarming frequency of dog bites and dog attacks, Michigan dog owners are encouraged to protect themselves from Michigan dog bite liability. It’s as simple as getting covered for keeping a dog as a house pet by a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Check with your insurance carrier to make sure your new or existing policy includes liability coverage. Coverage typically ranges from $100,000 to $300,000. If the Michigan dog bite victim’s claim exceeds that amount, you will be responsible for the additional damages.

Most insurance companies will insure homeowners who keep a dog as a house pet in Michigan. However, once a dog has attacked someone, your coverage may change. The insurance carrier will likely deem the dog an increased risk and take one or more of the following steps:

  • Raise your premiums
  • Exclude the dog from coverage
  • Require you to sign a waiver of liability for dog bites
  • Make coverage contingent upon the dog successfully completing obedience courses

Umbrella Policies and Michigan Dog Bites

To protect yourself against the highest levels of liability for dog bites, Michigan dog owners should consider an umbrella liability policy. Umbrella policies protect the insured against personal liability, as in the case of a dog bite. Coverage ranges from $1 to $10 million. These policies are inexpensive, costing approximately $200 per year for the first $1 million in coverage.

Though it is recommended that Michigan dog owners carry liability insurance, Michigan dog owners should take proper precautions to prevent Michigan dog attacks from occurring in the first place. See Tips for Keeping Your Dog from Biting for a thorough listing.

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