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  • Racquet Up Students Bring Squash Title to Detroit

Racquet Up Students Bring Squash Title to Detroit

Racquet Up Students Bring Squash Title to Detroit
Racquet Up Students Bring Squash Title to Detroit
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Much like how Detroit seems to be picking up as a city, it seems to be doing well in the sports department as well. Following years of domination by the kids on the East Coast, Detroit has finally been able to clinch the National Urban Squash Team Championships. Six young men, namely Aaron Levy, Edward Brown, Darryl Washington, Jr., Antwan Ramsey, Quran Davis, Edward Brown, and J’aMonte Patmon, helped Detroit clean sweep the trophy in NYC. The six were in the “Boys under 19” division that featured five hundred players from around 18 cities all across North America and Colombia as well.

The sports scene in Detroit was quite dire until recently. Many public students could not get access to a single squash court. This is where Racquet Up Detroit came in and changed the city’s squash fortunes. The program consists of academic support, exposure to college applications and environment, and a plethora of other activities mixed with an intensive squash training program. Having its base at the Northwest Activities Centre, the Racquet Up Detroit program has steadily grown in the last eight years to include more than a 100 boys and girls from junior grade to the 12th grade.

About Squash

Squash is an indoor sport a little like tennis. It involves hitting a small rubber ball against a wall until some player fails to hit before one tip or misses the ball entirely. It can be played in singles matches and doubles as well.

Squash happens to be the fastest growing sport in the US. It currently has just a little less than 2 million players in the country and with facilities being developed every year around the country, that number is expected to grow by manifold in the coming years. Racquet Up Detroit will play an integral part in squash’s growth, with its ambition and passion already bearing fruit. Both the program’s organizers and those participating seem to be very happy with the results being produced, and wish to see more of them.

What is Racquet Up

Racquet Up began operations back in 2010. It is an intensive program that aims to have children participate in the squash related extra-curricular activities at least thrice a week. Each session is around 3 hours long. The sessions are not exclusive to squash however. They include many academic and social education related activities that aim to hone the participants; intellect as well. According to results gathered, 83% of the students in the program saw their ACT scores increase after participation.

What it means for Michigan

Racquet Up is already showing results in Detroit and soon it is bound to spread all around the state. This will not only give the youth of Michigan more confidence and greater opportunities, but it will help turn Detroit into a sports powerhouse in the years to come. These six kids are hopefully just the beginning of a long, rich history for the state of Michigan.

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Racquet Up Students Bring Squash Title to Detroit

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