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  • All You Need to Know about Detroit’s Summer Enrollment Program

All You Need to Know about Detroit’s Summer Enrollment Program

All You Need to Know about Detroit’s Summer Enrollment Program
All You Need to Know about Detroit’s Summer Enrollment Program
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Having opened towards the end of January, Detroit’s summer enrollment program has once again created quite a hustle. The youth summer programs are something many high school and university students look forward to every single year as they hope to land a summer job. A number of city officials and businessmen joined hands to kick off the initial application process for the 2018 Grow Detroit’s Youth Talent program. The program’s aim to help the youth during the summer started at breakfast event held at DTE Energy’s headquarters.

The Background

The project was launched back in 2015 by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. The main reason behind this initiative was to provide, coordinate, and promote fundraising for local businesses that were looking to hire young people for summer jobs. During the first year, the program helped approximately 5,600 young people, aged 16-24, to find employment during the summers. The program helped them spend 6 weeks in employment for various businesses. Because of the great turnout, the program expanded the following year to include 8,127 members from the youth. The executives are expecting to repeat last year’s success this time around as well.

The program is further buoyed by the announcement of Jason Lee, the former chief of Hope Foundation, joining the program as an executive director. Just 5 days after the announcement of Lee’s inclusion, Duggan released a statement saying, “Over the past few years, the business, philanthropic and government communities have worked together to send an important message to our youth that we are committed to helping prepare them for their futures. We are continuing that tradition this year and improving the program to provide many GDYT participants the opportunity for training beyond the six weeks of the program.”

The breakfast event was attended by a number of major figures in the business world. Attendees included Gerry Anderson, DTE Energy Chairman and CEO; Cindy Pasky, Strategic Staffing Solutions President and CEO; Tonya Allen, Skillman Foundation President and CEO; and Nicole Sherard Freeman, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation CEO. Pasky and Anderson declared unflinching support for the program and also released statements to represent their enthusiasm. Both expressed their pride to be a part of such a cause and pledged to help Detroit’s youth as much as possible.

The Program Now

The deadline to apply for the program is March 17. You can simply visit Grow Detroits Youth Talent website to apply to the program. This year, the program has added a new clause that includes the coaching and work association of students of five schools with career specialist partners and school staff. The amount of children that will be a part of this special program is roughly 500. With the youth being introduced to so many varied and fantastic opportunities by businesses and state officials alike, the future of Michigan is certain to be quite bright.

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All You Need to Know about Detroit’s Summer Enrollment Program

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