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Police officers and law enforcement officials are trusted with a responsibility to help the public, serve justice, and uphold the law. We like to believe they’re always on our side and that they have our best interests in mind.

However, in rare instances, an officer may display poor judgment or go too far in their duties, resulting in tragic or even fatal consequences. Police brutality is a sad reality even in this day and age, and is one of the most common causes of police misconduct lawsuits in America today. It isn’t all physical violence, either – many cases of police brutality can involve you being forced to do something you don’t want to under threat of jail time or violence, unnecessary strip searches, false arrests, and more.

If you feel you were the victim of excessive force or a civil rights violation at the hands of law enforcement, the Mike Morse Law Firm has the expertise you need. If you feel like you have been a victim of misconduct by a police officer, the Mike Morse Law Firm is here to help. Our experienced lawyers represent anyone who believes their civil rights have been violated by law enforcement personnel, and our combined knowledge puts us at the forefront of police misconduct lawsuits throughout Michigan.

What Rights Do I Have As The Victim Of Police Brutality?

Police brutality can encompass a number of factors, and the laws protecting citizens like you from mistreatment or abuse at the hands of the police are complex and wide-ranging. Mike Morse Law Firm has skill and experience with these laws – skill and experience you need to win your Michigan police brutality case.

Most police misconduct cases rely on a statute known as Section 1983, published under Title 42 of the United States Code. This section makes it unlawful for anyone acting under the authority of state law to deprive another person their rights, and has been cited in cases relating to excessive force, improper use of restraints, police pursuits, and even unlawful or coercive questioning of the victim.

Section 1983 and its relating laws and statutes are a complicated but necessary part of American civil rights, and the Mike Morse Law Firm can help you see your police abuse case through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Michigan Police Misconduct Cases

Police Taser Lawsuits

Designed to provide police officers with a non-lethal option to apprehend a dangerous subject, police tasers account for a shockingly high number of accidental fatalities, as well as being a leading cause of paralysis. A lack of adequate training and excessive usage are the most common causes of injury by police taser, and if you fall victim to this tragedy, the Mike Morse Law Firm will defend your rights in court.

Police Shooting Death Lawsuits

Officers are trained to only use their firearms as a last resort, but there has been an ever-increasing number of wrongful shooting deaths in America today. In any situation where an officer injures or kills someone through irresponsible or negligent usage of a firearm, compensation may be available – and the Mike Morse Law Firm has the skills and experience needed to get justice.

False Arrest Lawsuits

There are limits to the police’s ability to detain or imprison people, including reasonable suspicion and probable cause. The potential for emotional and financial peril from a wrongful imprisonment is high, and the Mike Morse Law Firm will fight for your rights and restore your stability after a false arrest.

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“This firm’s professionalism far exceeds the normal verbal and written communications expected from a law office. They could not have done a better job with the matters concerning my case and I would highly recommend them.”

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