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If you have been hit by a drunk driver, that person may be responsible for paying your noneconomic damages (i.e., pain and suffering) and some excess economic damages (i.e., medical bills and attendant care). However, various factors like the severity of your injuries, disfigurement (i.e., scarring), whether or not you have insurance, and whether or not you are a resident of Michigan can all impact what and how much you can recover against a drunk driver. Additionally, in many cases you can also sue the bar or other party that sold or provided the alcohol to the drunk driver in what is called a dram shop action. Because drunk driving cases can be very complex, it is always best to talk to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. At Mike Morse Law Firm, our Michigan drunk driving accident lawyers can help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve. Our lawyers fight for victims of drunk driving accidents as part of a well-established law firm that has won over a billion dollars won on behalf of our Michigan clients.

You may also be entitled to PIP benefits through your No-Fault provider. Insurance companies do not want to pay you for your injuries butan experienced Michigan drunk driving accident lawyer can help defend your rights and make sure you get the compensation due to you. Since our founding in 1995, the Mike Morse Law Firm has helped our clients deal with big insurance companies and navigate Michigan’s no-fault car accident laws with great success. We have won over $1 billion for victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents and work hard to make sure our clients know that they are our first priority. If you were a driver or passenger involved in a drunk driving accident in Michigan, call us today at 855-645-3946 for a free consultation.

What is Drunk Driving?

Under Michigan law, there are several different types of DUIs. Anyone driving either a motor vehicle or watercraft with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.08 may be charged with OWI (Operating While Intoxicated). Those under 21 can be charged if there is even a trace of alcohol in their system while operating a vehicle. There is similarly no minimum BAC level for OWVI (Operating While Visibly Impaired) charges. These charges may be brought against any driver who is obviously unable to safely operate their vehicle and are typically dependent on law enforcement’s observations. Those driving a vehicle while under the influence of narcotics may be charged with OWPD (Operating With the Presence of Drugs).

The presence of one or multiple of these charges can make an accident case even more complicated, but our expert attorneys can make sure that you are aware of all of your options and rights and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

While it may be obvious to you who is to blame for the car crash, legally establishing a driver’s negligence and your severe personal injury can be a complicated process. Our Michigan drunk driving accident lawyers have the experience to help you understand how your claim and benefits are affected. 

Our team of drunk driving accident lawyers can protect your rights and establish who is at fault. This is an important step for victims of Michigan car accidents, especially when a drunk driver is involved. Michigan is a comparative fault state. If even some of the fault for the accident is assigned to you, the drunk driver’s insurance company will only have to pay you part of the verdict. Insurance companies will fight as hard as they can to pin as much blame as they can on you to try to minimize their losses. An experienced drunk driving lawyer like those at the Mike Morse Law Firm will know how to protect you from their tricks.

Car accidents can be overwhelming. Dealing with the effects of drunk driving accidents is often even more frustrating. Michigan law is designed to protect victims of drunk drivers, but you need an advocate who knows the law to help you fight big insurance companies. The expert attorneys at the Mike Morse Law Firm are ready to help. Call us today at 855-MIKE-WINS (855-645-3946) or contact us through our website to set up a free consultation.

You Pay No Upfront Fees

It is free to get started with an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer. Mike Morse Law Firm does not require any upfront fees from clients. When you’ve been the victim of a drunk driving accident, your personal injury attorney will only be paid when you receive your settlement. 

We do not charge you any hidden fees, and your consultation is free regarding the investigation of your case. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a session with a Michigan drunk driving accident lawyer.

Why Choose Mike Morse Law Firm

The person who decides to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol has committed a crime. Drunk drivers must be held accountable for the injuries, pain, and suffering caused by the car crash.

The Michigan legal system provides people who have been injured by a drunk driver with compensation for their injuries, but it can be complicated. So, if you have been injured and experienced pain and suffering due to a car accident, you need a lawyer on your side. 

Choose Michigan personal injury lawyers with the experience you need. Mike Morse Law Firm understands how local laws may pertain to your case, and we have successfully obtained fair settlements for other victims of drunk driving accidents.

Hire a Michigan drunk driving accident lawyer who will go the distance for you – hire Mike Morse Law Firm. Call us at 855-645-3946 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney on the Mike Morse team.


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Melvin Johnson

“This firm’s professionalism far exceeds the normal verbal and written communications expected from a law office. They could not have done a better job with the matters concerning my case and I would highly recommend them.”

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