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When minor car accidents happen in Michigan, people often feel that working with an attorney is not necessary. After all, your car may be driveable and you likely only needed some aspirin for the temporary pain. However, even minor accident cases can benefit from the keen eye of an experienced attorney and you should see a doctor even if you’re not hurt.

What Is a Minor Car Accident?

Minor car accidents include fender benders or even someone backing into your parked car outside the store. It refers to accidents with minor damage to the vehicles involved. You and other occupants of your vehicle might have suffered minor injuries or none at all.

Other entities might use different measures for determining a minor car accident. For example, the state of Michigan requires a police report only for accidents that result in injuries, fatalities or property damage totaling $1,000 or more. This implies that you may classify accidents not meeting these criteria as minor.

Insurance companies generally classify accidents as minor when they do not impair the drivability of the vehicle and no one suffered serious injuries. Ideally, for the insurance company, it results in payments of a few thousand dollars or less.

What Can Someone Reasonably Expect After a Minor Car Accident?

After a minor accident, the other individual might have their own ideas of how to react to the situation. When there is no damage to the vehicles, parties might agree to go their separate ways, like nothing happened. In other instances, even minor scratches result in an angry driver refusing to accept blame and calling the police or insurance company.

If the decision lies with you, you could feel overwhelmed by that responsibility. Even if you choose not to make a decision at that moment, taking the person’s contact information and documenting evidence of the crash would be wise. It is not unusual for individuals to call their insurance companies shortly afterward and spin an entirely different tale about what happened.

If you or the other driver decide to involve the police or insurance company, things may progress in this way:

  1. The insurance companies request information regarding what happened and any proof you might have to back up your story.
  2. The insurance company paying for the claim might send out an insurance adjuster to estimate the cost of repairs or might require you to seek estimates from approved collision repair shops.
  3. The insurance company paying for the claim provides payment to cover the cost of repairs.
  4. You may now proceed with repairing your vehicle.

Why Do You Need an Attorney for a Minor Car Accident?

Drivers usually resolve minor car accidents easily and quickly. Even so, it’s important to plan ahead for potential instances when cases might become complex. This might increase the odds of protecting your finances and your reputation.

Your Accident May Be More Serious Than You Think

It happens all the time. Someone seems to only bump the rear-end of the vehicle. The driver feels no immediate pain and the vehicle barely registers a scratch. Then, the following morning, the back pain begins. A week later, aspirin has not resolved the issue. If the person did not document the incident or take the other driver’s contact information, it will take an experienced personal injury attorney to track him or her down and build a strong case. 

The Other Driver Files a False Claim Against You

Another common practice involves the at-fault driver later filing a claim against your insurance policy. A week later, the person may have backed into a fence or hit another vehicle and now claim that the damage resulted from an accident you caused. Now what? If you did not report the initial incident to your insurance company at all, it might even refuse to pay for damages or to represent you in court. An experienced attorney may turn this case around for you.

You Suspect the Driver May Be Under the Influence

Imagine exiting the vehicle to determine the extent of the damage and the other driver wobbles out of the vehicle and throws up on the sidewalk. Thereafter, you notice a strong smell of alcohol and a slurring of words. Involving law enforcement might not be a bad idea. Doing so could save a life. Ultimately, it may also result in a police report and an insurance claim. DUIs are big red flags for insurance companies, so the other driver might attempt to fight it.

The Other Driver Becomes Angry and Aggressive

Even when perfectly sober, some people become exceptionally violent after a car crash. These include car crashes they caused themselves. For some people, they are never wrong and to try to convince them otherwise is to put your life in danger. It is not uncommon for at-fault drivers to make threats and brandish weapons. This is another instance when involving law enforcement may prove wise.

The Other Driver Is a Public Figure

Public figures invest heavily in keeping their reputations clean to avoid scrutiny and preserve privacy. These individuals also have a great degree of power that could help them sway things in their favor. If the incident involved criminal allegations, such as drunk driving, this might cause him or her to retaliate. Consequently, post-accident proceedings could be unpredictable. If you discover the other person is a public figure, retaining an attorney might give you peace of mind.

You Drive an Expensive Vehicle So Even Minor Repairs Are Costly

Whether you bought a brand-new Benz or own a 1981 Toyota FJ40 in pristine condition, you invested heavily in that vehicle. Repairs for luxury vehicles and restored antiques are notoriously expensive, especially when parts are hard to find or paint colors are no longer in production. You may need an experienced attorney to make a strong case regarding the cost of repairs and the value of the vehicle.

You Believe Another Entity’s Unsafe Practices Caused the Accident

Sometimes, minor car crashes involve just one vehicle: yours. Maybe you swerved to avoid a big pothole. A huge tree might have even blocked a stop sign that caused you to swerve just as a vehicle with the right of way drove through. An experienced attorney may help you hold the responsible party accountable. Note that some collision coverages include payments for damages caused by potholes. Also, keep in mind that Michigan denies most of these claims.

It May Cost You Nothing At All To Retain an Attorney

The number one reason to retain counsel after even a minor accident is that it might not cost you anything. Most personal injury law firms charge nothing to review your case. It is also a common practice for attorneys to work on a contingency basis. This means you pay them nothing unless they negotiate a settlement or win a verdict on your behalf. If you have nothing to lose, why not retain an attorney until you fully resolve the issue?

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