How Can I Find a Good Car Accident Lawyer?

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Finding a good car accident lawyer is the first step towards getting the compensation you deserve, but it can often be quite difficult to tell if a lawyer deserves your time and trust. Looking for certain key qualities can help you determine whether or not a lawyer is right for you.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?


While it might be your instinct not to involve a lawyer in your case, in most circumstances an attorney is a great help.

A lawyer can help you understand your rights after a car accident in addition to negotiating with your car insurance company and/or the negligent driver (and their insurance company) on your behalf as well as providing representation if your case goes to court.

Insurance companies do not want to pay you anything beyond the bare minimum and they will employ every trick that they know to protect their own interests. Experienced lawyers like those at the Mike Morse Law Firm understand how these businesses operate and will fight to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Friends and family can be a great resource when looking for an auto-accident attorney. Unfortunately, because accidents are so common, it is very possible that someone you know has past experience with an attorney and can weigh in on their specific quality of service. Asking around can give you a great starting point in your search for a lawyer.

Experience and Resources


A good car accident attorney is one who is prepared to handle your case. When looking for a lawyer, always make sure that they have the resources and experience you deserve. Hiring a lawyer who has worked with cases like yours before may make the entire process smoother, especially if your accident involved certain elements like a drunk driver or rideshare vehicle. Most law firms have a website that lists the types of cases they specialize in as well as records of past successes. A website can also help you get a sense of the size of the firm. Going against wealthy insurance companies is difficult and you’ll want to be sure that your team is up to the job. Large firms that have experience successfully handling cases similar to yours are more likely to know how to proceed and to be able to devote all the necessary resources to your case.

Reputation and Accolades


Awards can help indicate that a lawyer has the respect of their peers and community. Organizations like National Trial Lawyers, Justia, Super Lawyers, and Avvo all offer resources to help you find a lawyer with a history of success. You can also look into an attorney’s involvement in the legal community. Speaking at events and attending conferences where they can teach and learn from other lawyers is a good sign that an attorney is trustworthy. For further information on an attorney’s character, investigate any charity work they’ve done. The best part of being a personal injury lawyer is helping other people. The selfless passion that drives a good lawyer to put their all into your case is often reflected in the way they treat others outside of the courtroom.

Appropriate Fees


Reputable personal injury lawyers do not typically collect any fees until after they’ve won or settled your case. Hidden costs and other suspicious behavior around payment can be a sign that you should consider other options.

Find Someone You’re Comfortable With


While websites and ads can help you learn a bit about a lawyer, talking to them yourself is often the best way to get a sense of their qualifications and work ethic. Most law firms offer free consultations for this reason. Finding a lawyer that you trust is essential. Car accidents are emotionally and physically draining, the last thing you want is your lawyer making things more stressful. Meeting with a potential attorney can help you gauge your comfort level around them.

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