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  • Sue’s Wish List for 2022

Sue’s Wish List for 2022

Sue’s Wish List for 2022

Birthdays ending in “zero” usually include a celebratory adventure. My birthday next year is a BIG birthday! For me, it’s an excuse for a big adventure, which means travelling to a new, exotic location. However, because of the pandemic, it’s “fingers crossed” until travel is allowed to where I want to go. That’s why any travel plans for the moment must be designated as a “wish list.”

My first thought was to pick an exotic location and I decided on Japan! Now the planning begins…

My second thought was this is overwhelming; I can’t do it on my own. It’s time to hit the internet! What has worked on past trips to Croatia and Morocco has been using travel agencies in the host countries that have offices in the U.S. This allows me to provide my requirements for a successful trip and for the agency to suggest an itinerary based on their familiarity with “must-see” locations in their country.

After finding a suitable agency, my third thought is that even more research is usually required. I like to review the agency’s suggested itinerary, focusing on the length of stay in the various locations, quality of hotels, travel methods, etc. At this point, I’m starting to get excited and the anticipation builds!

My fourth and final thought was that, unfortunately, reality may intercede. Japan is currently closed to visitors until March 2022, at least. And, who knows after that! I’m playing a waiting game — my big adventure could turn out to be an automobile trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Stay tuned … and fingers crossed!

Sue’s Wish List for 2022

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