Fair Labor Standards Act

An honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay. Unfortunately, many workers aren’t being paid all the wages they deserve. Are you being asked to work off-the-clock? Is your employer not paying you for all the time you spend doing tasks that are reasonably related to your job? Are you working more than forty hours per week without overtime pay? Are you being paid less than minimum wage? Do you think you’ve wrongly been classified as an “exempt” employee or an independent contractor? If so, you might be able to collect unpaid wages through the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA).

We Can Help

The FLSA gives us many of the basic fair labor laws that protect American workers, such as laws requiring overtime pay, minimum wage laws, and child labor laws. If you believe your employer is violating the FLSA, call 855-MIKE-WINS today. We have experienced FLSA labor law attorneys on staff who can evaluate your case, answer all your questions, and fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Even if you’re a salaried employee, you still might be entitled to overtime pay. We handle cases for people who work in a wide variety of industries, including tipped employees, retail, call center staff, workers who must spend putting on safety gear and sales representatives.Contact the Mike Morse Law Firm today to find out how we can help! Your initial consultation is always free.