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Michigan Car Accident Information & Safety Tips

To help you in your quest for answers, The Mike Morse Law Firm has compiled a list of the most common topics relating to Michigan car accidents and traffic situations, below.

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What To Do After a Michigan Car Accident

In Michigan, car accidents that result in grave injuries have distinct next steps to be followed. In accordance with the law, drivers must stop and are required to remain at the scene of the car accident. Michigan drivers are then required to report the accident to a Michigan police authority. Learn What To Do After A Car Accident

Tips For Avoiding A Michigan Car Accident

There are more than six million police reported auto collisions in the United States each year. Nearly three million people are injured and about 40,000 die. Even excellent drivers can cause a Michigan car accident. This list of 12 ways to reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident should help you to avoid being a statistic. Tips To Avoid A Car Accident.

Avoiding A Michigan Car Accident When Turning at Red Lights

Michigan drivers are primed to watch out for lighted traffic signals and arrows, especially at intersections. Worded signs, however, are typically not as eye-catching. Such is the case with “No Turn On Red” signs. Unfortunately, these signs are posted for good reason, and Michigan drivers failing to take notice can risk car accidents and injury, to themselves and others. Learn How To Safety Turn At Red Lights.

Michigan Freeway Smarts: Changing Lanes & Merging with Traffic

Michigan law requires drivers to use a turn signal whenever they are turning. This much most Michigan drivers know. However, to avoid Michigan car accidents Michigan drivers must also, by law, use turn signals when changing lanes on a highway. Michigan Law Regarding Freeway Driving

“Michigan Lefts” A Michigan Car Accident Concern

Learn how to make a “Michigan Left” and why it’s a car accident concern. How To Properly Make A “Michigan Left”.

Understand Michigan’s Traffic Signals to Avoid Car Accidents

Learn what common Michigan traffic signals indicate to avoid a Michigan car accident. Meaning Of Michigan Traffic Arrow Signals.

Common Michigan Road Hazards

Learn about common Michigan road hazards, so you can be aware of them while driving. Watch For These Common Michigan Road Hazards.

Michigan Safe Summer Driving Tips

Unfortunately, because winter in Michigan is so daunting, driving with caution during the summer in Michigan is often overlooked. The fact is this: more people are outside and on Michigan roads in the summer than any other time of the year. Michigan Safe Driving Tips For Summer.

Michigan Distracted Driving Facts

Distracted driving causes thousands of deaths in the United States each year. Stunning Distracted Driving Facts.

Avoiding Collisions at Michigan Intersections

Learn what the law is regarding several common situations you may experience at Michigan intersections, so you can be safe and avoid a possible Michigan car accident. Safe Driving Tips For Michigan Intersections.

Michigan Yellow Traffic Lights: Stop or Go?

The yellow lights displayed on Michigan traffic signals require drivers to employ good judgment. Unfortunately, the result of poor judgment can cause serious Michigan auto accidents. Knowing what factors to consider when faced with a yellow light can make all the difference. Michigan Yellow Traffic Light Safety.

Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries

In addition to injuries to the face, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet, several common injuries result from auto accidents. Please seek medical help if you experience any of these conditions.
Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries.

Michigan Freeway Entering & Exiting Laws

Learn the law regarding entering and exiting a Michigan freeway, so you can drive safety and avoid a Michigan freeway accident. Michigan Highway Entering & Exiting Laws.

Michigan Wrong-Way Driving Accidents

In Michigan, vehicle accidents caused by wrong-way driving cause serious injury and take lives. The Mike Morse Law Firm can help you make sense of these traumatic crashes and ensure your legal concerns are handled thoroughly and with great care. Learn about Michigan Wrong-Way Driving Accidents.

Wrongful Death In Michigan

There are varying levels of penalty for those found responsible for a wrongful death. Learn the common circumstances that can result in a wrongful death and what damages you may be entitled to. Michigan Wrongful Death.

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