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Truck accidents in Lansing, MI, can be devastating and deadly. This is because of the size of trucks and their weight compared to smaller passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Survivors of semi-truck accidents in Lansing, MI, are likely to spend a considerable amount of time recovering from their injuries.

truck accident attorneyIf you have been injured in a semi-truck accident in Lansing, you may be in for a long recovery. This means that, apart from dealing with your injuries and working hard to recuperate, you may also have to worry about immense medical bills and a possible long-term loss of income.

Unfortunately, truck accident cases in Michigan are more complex than passenger cars or smaller vehicle accident cases. If you would like to file a personal injury lawsuit for a truck accident case, you’ll need the services of a very skilled and experienced truck accident lawyer.

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Do I Have a Case?

How is a Truck Accident Lawsuit Different from a Regular Car Crash Case?

Compared to a passenger car accident case, a semi-truck accident case might involve the need to file more than one personal injury compensation claim. Filing multiple lawsuits may be possible, since more than one entity may be held responsible for your truck accident personal injury.

Sometimes, a truck accident case involves 3 or more parties. Some of the entities that may be at-fault for your injury include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company or the owner
  • The truck’s maintenance and repair company
  • The truck’s manufacturer
  • Parts suppliers, retailers, and distributors

These circumstances, plus the fact that there are both state and federal laws guiding truck driving, means that it could be a while before you will get the compensation you deserve. However, when your case is finally won, your benefits or settlement will be significant in covering your damages.

We know that this is a very difficult time for you, and dealing with all of these issues can seem overwhelming. This is why you should come to us at Mike Morse Law Firm. Our truck accident lawyers are trained and equipped to help you through this very trying period.

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Top Causes of Truck Accidents in Lansing, MI

Michigan is home to quite a few interstate routes, and the City of Lansing is no exception. The I-496 runs through downtown Lansing and connects to I-96 leading to Lansing’s downtown area. These are major routes that trucks passing through or looping around the state have to take.

The frequent use of these routes for your commuting in Lansing, and driving alongside these heavy-duty trucks, tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers, increases your risk of getting involved in a truck accident. This is because there are various situations or factors that might cause such a collision. These include:

  • Distracted driving by the truck or passenger vehicle or motor vehicle driver
  • Inadequate trucker training and inexperience
  • Truck driver fatigue caused by driving long distances for long periods without adequate rest
  • Semi-truck part failures
  • Bad or improper turning
  • The other motor vehicle or pedestrian being in the truck driver’s blindspot
  • Defective truck parts
  • Improperly attached haulage or overloading
  • Refusal to yield
  • Excessive speeding
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Improper lane changes
  • Tailgating
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Bad roads and wet roads
  • Poor weather conditions like fog, snow, and heavy rain

These actions or issues can cause catastrophic truck accidents in Lansing. Even though all road users are required to adhere to safe road usage practices, truckers need to be more careful. This is because of the size of the rigs as well as the truck’s tendency to cause devastating injuries in accidents.

Truck drivers, in particular, are required to exercise extraordinary caution and prioritize safety while driving on highways, freeways, within the city, and inner streets. The drivers are held to a higher standard of road usage than drivers of other smaller vehicles.

Therefore, if the driver fails to adhere to the requirements of road usage and causes an accident, you may sue the driver and all associated entities. If you’d like to discuss your case, contact us at 855-MIKE-WINS to speak to a truck accident lawyer at Mike Morse Law Firm.

Common Injuries in Lansing Truck Accidents

Injuries sustained in vehicle accidents can cause great discomfort. If you are lucky, you may get away with some mild scraping, bruising, or cuts. However, trucks are capable of producing even more devastating injuries.

Some of the common injuries seen in semi-truck accidents in Lansing include:

  • Traumatic brain injury or brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries like a slipped disc
  • Multiple fractures such as broken arms and legs
  • Joint dislocations such as shoulder, elbow, hip, or wrist dislocations
  • Deep lacerations or cuts
  • First, second, or third-degree burns which may result in accidents involving trucks carrying flammable materials
  • Neck and back injuries like herniated discs
  • Knee injuries like dislocated knee
  • Hip injuries like a broken hip
  • Disfigurements or scarring
  • Nerve damage

Apart from physical injuries, victims may also suffer mental or emotional trauma for a long time. This trauma is usually brought on by a combination of the injuries, pain, and experience of the accident.

If nothing is done about the trauma and injury, it can completely alter the course of the victim’s life. A good example of how the trauma can affect someone is a commercial delivery driver who can’t drive after the accident because he or she is scared.

This can result in the driver being unable to drive commercially and lose his or her ability to earn a wage. Unfortunately, the trauma and/or injury not only affects the victim, but it also affects the victim’s partner, family, children, and spouse.

Unfortunately, pursuing compensation can be pretty difficult. This is largely because the compensation claims procedures can be both lengthy and complex.
All truck accident cases in the State of Michigan are governed by both state and federal laws. This makes the average truck accident case more complicated.

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Damages You Can Seek in a Lansing Truck Accident Case

People who have been hurt in truck accidents can file for economic and/or non-economic damages. It all depends on your particular situation. Some truck accident injuries are so severe that the victim may need to file more than one insurance claim to cover the damages.

Sometimes, the negligence of a truck driver results in the death of an individual. If your loved one passes away from the injuries sustained in a truck accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death case against the at-fault party.

Before you can file a wrongful death lawsuit, you would have to show that the deceased would have likely filed a personal injury lawsuit if he or she had survived the semi-truck accident. This is not an easy thing to do. Once the case is filed, you may be able to seek a number of damages with the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer serving Lansing.

How Our Experienced Lansing Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Mike Morse Law Firm is Michigan’s largest personal injury law firm serving residents of Lansing and surrounding areas. Our truck accident attorneys are highly skilled and familiar with the complexities of truck accident injury cases. We have been helping residents of Lansing and throughout Michigan get justice and recover compensation for their injuries for over 25 years.

We have recovered over $1.5 billion for our clients and can help you get compensation as well – without charging any upfront fee. If you would like to file a personal injury compensation claim in a truck accident case, our Lansing personal injury lawyers are here to give you free legal advice.

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