Devin Gardner was the starting quarterback for the University of Michigan from 2012 to 2014. He has since played for both the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers before leaving the NFL. He now works as a commentator for Fox Sports and runs the Young Go-Getters which works to develop aspiring quarterbacks with a dream to go far.

In this episode of the Open Mike Podcast, Devin goes through the highlights of his football career and explains the choices he made along the way. They discuss the recent cancellation of Big Ten Football and how it will affect the players as well.

Show Notes

[0:11] Introducing today’s guest, Devin Gardner

[1:43] Devin’s background

[4:17] How did being told your GPA wasn’t good enough effect you?

[5:47] How did you end up at University of Detroit Jesuit High School anyways?

[7:40] You were the best dual-threat quarterback in the world, how did you deal with that pressure?

[13:40] How were you recruited to play for U of M?

[14:49] Did anyone ever offer you off-the-books incentives to join their team?

[15:33] What is your take on paying college athletes?

[17:44] Why did you switch jersey numbers?

[20:09] Was that the year that you got off the bench?

[21:35] What was your first thought when Denard Robinson hurt his elbow?

[28:08] Did you play the next game as Quarterback?

[29:35] Did they not want to pull you from receiver?

[33:30] Practicing at Minnesota’s Stadium in the freezing cold and support from Denard Robinson

[36:47] How did it feel to throw your first touchdown pass in that game?

[37:40] When did you become number 98? Why?

[39:50] What did you wear as a professional player?

[40:18] Did you get a degree in social work?

[40:43] What is Young Go-Getters?

[44:26] What is your goal for the organization?

[47:00] Are you making money from this?

[47:15] What do you do for Fox Sports? What about your podcast?

[49:38] Why didn’t you transfer to another college and start for their team?

[52:01] How has Harbaugh been as a coach?

[53:47] Big Ten Football won’t be happening. Do you think it was the right call?

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[1:00:12] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike Podcast!

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