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  • 116 – Detroit Man Who Served 17 Years for Murder Awaits New Trial After a State Prisoner Admits Guilt

116 – Detroit Man Who Served 17 Years for Murder Awaits New Trial After a State Prisoner Admits Guilt

116 – Detroit Man Who Served 17 Years for Murder Awaits New Trial After a State Prisoner Admits Guilt

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[00:07] Welcome to Open Mike! [00:26] Thelonious Searcy’s background and bio. [00:54] Welcome to the show, Thelonious. Your name came up on Episode 10 of Open Mike, and I learned about you a long time ago during the Davontae Sanford case. Your name came up because both of you were wrongfully convicted, and there’s a hitman out there doing the crimes! You’ve been out of prison since April 2021… what has life been like for you since getting out? [02:14] The two children you mentioned — you had them even before you went to prison. How old are they? And your wife stuck by you the last seventeen years you were incarcerated? [03:01] You’re out on bond right now waiting for a second trial. The Michigan Court of Appeals says you should be given a new trial. When you got that decision five months ago, how did you feel? [04:13] What’s your understanding of why the Court of Appeals decided you deserve a second trial? [05:27] What was the aspect of the case that made them decide you deserve a new trial? [07:43] What is a 40-caliber bullet relevant? [09:04] How did you find out that Jamal Segars was murdered? [10:11] Although Thelonious was at a family BBQ with over a dozen alibi witnesses, he became a suspect in the case due to a jailhouse informant, whom he knew from the streets. [17:05] Ten years after his conviction, Thelonious submitted a Brady Violation to his judge, but it was dismissed, claiming the information wasn’t new. [18:32] That Brady Violation must have had something to do with you being granted a second trial. Is that true? [23:20] You’re out on bond, you’re wearing a tether… Prosecutor Worthy has the ability to change her mind, but she says she wants to try you for a second time despite all these moving parts and various claims from multiple parties and admissions from hitmen… What about all the alibi witnesses, how many were called in the first trial? [25:11] Thelonious had improper, paid representation from an attorney who is since deceased. [25:52] Is your current attorney having discussions with Prosecutor Worthy about dismissing your second trial altogether? [26:54] What do you think Prosecutor Worthy’s vendetta is? [29:19] You’re confirmed to home in the meantime — do you have a trial date? [29:49] Thelonious wrote eighteen books while he was incarcerated. [29:56] Check out Thelonious’s book, Be First: Part 1 & 2 (Hood Novel) on Amazon! [30:47] What do you think are the main reasons you were convicted in the first place? [37:54] What did this alleged eyewitness, Natasha, testify to? [39:29] You had this one eyewitness and three others who corroborated her claim … were they all there at the scene of the crime? [40:13] You believe that the jury will believe the alleged hitman, Vincent Smothers, if he testifies and admits responsibility for this murder? [40:57] I have a note here that says you recently graduated from Blackstone Career Institute… tell us what that is and what you hope to do with that, assuming that tether comes off! [43:04] Amazing. Thelonious, I wish you the best of luck and I hope things go your way. Please keep us up to date on what happens! Your case was eye-opening, and I hope you keep in touch. [44:21] Thelonious has a documentary in the works — be on the lookout for it in the next six months! [45:30] Thelonious Searcy’s story isn’t over — we will see if Kym Worthy decides to try him a second time or drop the charges. Comment, subscribe, comment, and share this episode with your friends and family! Take care.
116 – Detroit Man Who Served 17 Years for Murder Awaits New Trial After a State Prisoner Admits Guilt

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