George Etheridge is a Democratic candidate campaigning to represent District 8 in the Michigan House of Representatives. He is a lifelong Detroiter who has worked as a city planner and legislative advisor. George is running for the seat that Sherry Gay Dagnogo formerly held and has her endorsement for this election.

In episode 61 of the Open Mike podcast, George talks about his background as a public official and why he is campaigning. Mike asks him about his stance on the new No-Fault auto insurance laws. Watch this informative episode to learn about why you should consider supporting George Etheridge for State Representative.

Show Notes

[0:01] Welcome to episode 61 of the Open Mike Podcast!

[0:50] Introducing today’s guest, George Etheridge

[1:03] Tell us about your background

[2:31] Why do you want to be a state representative?

[4:11] It is strange that a Democratic Governor and Mayor of Detroit pushed the new No-Fault law through

[5:52] The new auto-reform is unjust and only benefits insurance companies

[7:03] You would be taking over for Sherry Gay Dagnogo who was on Open Mike

[8:08] Who are your challengers?

[9:09] Why hasn’t the Mayor supported your campaign?

[14:26] What is your take on the President talking about sending federal troops to Detroit?

[16:36] What are you hearing from Detroiters about their focus in this election?

[19:17] Why should citizens vote for you this August?

[19:54] Call George at 313-590-5044 or visit his website!

[20:29] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike podcast!

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