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Disabled Widow or Widower Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are the primary source of income for many Americans. In millions of married households, those benefits are based on the earnings record of just one spouse. When the spouse receiving benefits dies, what happens to the widow or widower?

Eligibility of Widows or Widowers To Receive Social Security Benefits

According to the Social Security Administration:

“At present, there are about 5 million widows and widowers receiving monthly social security benefits based on their deceased spouse’s earnings record. And, for many of those survivors, particularly aged women, those benefits are keeping them out of poverty.”

The widow(er) of a spouse receiving SSI benefits is eligible to continue receiving full benefits after the age of retirement, or may receive reduced benefits at age 60.

If the widow(er) is disabled, and the disability began within seven years of the spouse’s death or earlier, they may receive Social Security benefits as early as age 50.

You may find all these rules of eligibility confusing. If you or a loved one is a disabled widow or widower, we encourage you to contact us at The Mike Morse Law Firm for a free consultation. We can help you sort through the legal rules and give you a clearer understanding of your eligibility for Social Security benefits.

What Happens if Receive SSI Benefits and I Remarry?

If you have been receiving SSI benefits on your deceased spouse’s earning record, you are still eligible to continue receiving benefits if you remarry, after age 60. If you are disabled, you can continue receiving SSI benefits after age 50.

Surviving divorced spouses could also be eligible to receive benefits if their marriage to the deceased lasted a minimum of ten years.
Establishing eligibility for disabled widow(er) benefits requires detailed medical evidence supporting your claim. Application for such benefits are not available online, and many deserving widows and widowers are denied claims due to incomplete records or some unexpected technicality.

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