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Cass Corridor, MI Personal Injury Lawyers
Located on Detroit’s west side, Cass Corridor, MI, is a neighborhood with a rich history steeped in local culture, impressive buildings and a sometimes-violent past that creates a vibe unique to the area. Musicians and artists give much of the place its feel, which got its name from its original landowner, Lewis Cass, farmer and Michigan’s second governor.

Today, Cass Corridor enjoys revitalization as a part of midtown development that includes echoes of the counterculture that rose from the area in the 1960s and 1970s. Our attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm proudly serve this unique area, and if you need assistance with a personal injury case, we can provide you with the information and assistance you need.

Common Personal Injury Types In Cass Corridor 

Personal injury cases in Cass Corridor occur in many different ways. No matter your circumstances, our attorneys can review the details of your injuries and build a case to help you win compensation to pay past and future medical bills, lost wages and other costs related to your injury.

Car Crashes

Car crash incidents rose rather sharply in Southeast Michigan in 2022. There were 128,821 accidents that year, compared to 124,631 in 2021. Vehicle crashes often lead to a variety of injuries that can cause life-changing problems for the victims, including:

Wrongful death cases also arise from car accidents. Michigan law states that if an unborn child dies in a car accident, the alleged guilty party faces possible jail time, a fine or both.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries 

Winters in Cass Corridor bring freezing temperatures and snowfall. In February, as much as five inches of snow may fall and the thermometer dips as low as 20 degrees. This leads to slippery conditions for you as a pedestrian both indoors and out as icy storefront sidewalks and slippery floors inside businesses from melting snow lead to increased dangers of falling. Such falls can cause serious head injuries and hip fractures that may require surgery.

Truck Accidents 

In most cases, truck accidents cause more severe injuries to passengers in smaller vehicles when a collision occurs. The legal weight in the U.S. for semis is 40 tons, and since Cass Corridor runs between two major interstate highways, you will likely encounter them often in the area. Truck accidents can cause crushing injuries, major blunt force trauma and brain and spinal damage.

Dog Bites 

If you were visiting Cass Corridor and suffered a dog bite, the resulting injuries can affect your ability to work and care for your family. Bites can become infected and cause serious damage to nerves and tendons. Our attorneys can help you with a variety of needs as we build your case so you can focus on recovery and rest after your injury.

Motorcycle Accidents 

If you ride a motorcycle near or in Cass Corridor and recently experienced a wreck with another vehicle, then your injuries may be more serious when compared to riding in an enclosed vehicle. Broken limbs, head trauma and skin damage from prolonged contact with the pavement can result in thousands of dollars in medical treatment. Our attorneys will investigate the circumstances of your motorcycle accident and build a case based on the alleged negligent acts of the other driver.

Benefits of Hiring a Cass Corridor Personal Injury Lawyer

When you experience serious injuries because of the neglect of another, our attorneys take several steps to build your case and provide you with several advantages that take the burden of litigation off your shoulders.

We Investigate Your Claim 

When you bring your personal injury case to our attorneys, we investigate the validity and viability of its details. Since we do not collect any fees unless we win your case for you, an initial investigation of your claim helps us build a solid foundation for meeting the burden of proof you need as a plaintiff.

We Handle Insurance Company Negotiations 

Phone calls and letters from the defendant’s insurance company can impede your healing as the stress they cause adds a mental burden to your personal injury problems. They may contact you with settlement offers to avoid a trial and pressure you for a response. Our attorneys handle insurance company negotiations and protect you from unfair settlement offers.

We Gather Evidence 

When an injury affects your mobility or ability to think clearly, having our attorneys in your corner can provide you with peace of mind as we work to gather evidence on your behalf. We will photograph the scene, find and interview witnesses and review police incident reports to ensure we meet the burden of proof required by Michigan courts.

We Advise You About Case Privacy 

Talking about your developing personal injury case can ease the mental burden you feel, but this may also harm it. Cass Corridor sits in an area no larger than three square miles, which means any gossip or misinformation about your case will likely spread fast. Our attorneys will advise you about how to keep any crucial details to yourself, such as avoiding social media posts regarding your case that anyone can access.

Placing Value On Your Injury 

When a serious injury occurs, it changes your life in a variety of ways. Accidents like these can limit your mobility, cause you to lose wages and have you facing a mountain of medical bills for both past and future expenses. While you cannot turn back the clock, our attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve and ease the financial burden caused by another’s negligence.

Medical Expenses 

After a personal injury, medical bills can skyrocket into hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the care you need. These costs can occur for different reasons, including:

  • Repeated surgeries
  • Scans of the injured area
  • An extended hospital stay
  • Physical therapy

You may also require mental health care if you suffer from traumatic memories and anxiety related to the incident that caused your injury. You may develop post-traumatic stress disorder after the accident, especially if a loved one died afterward. Intrusive thoughts, fear of riding in a car and nightmares about the crash are all signs that you may require therapy to recover.

Loss of Wages 

Whether you work in Cass Corridor or a nearby neighborhood, a serious injury can affect your livelihood and your ability to provide for your family. You may have injuries that permanently prevent you from working. Our attorneys will calculate those losses and add them to the value of your case.

Loss of Consortium 

When you suffer a life-changing injury, you and your spouse’s relationship can change drastically. The pain and mental anguish you feel after the accident can prevent you from providing emotional and physical intimacy to your partner. Our attorneys will estimate the value of that loss based on how this loss affects your marriage.

Explemary Damages 

Unlike other states, Michigan offers exemplary damage in place of punitive damages when a personal injury occurs. Punitive damages punish the defendant when a judge decides that the actions that caused the injury were especially negligent or careless. These damages also cover claims of mental anguish.

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