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Personal Injury 101: An Essential Guide for Michiganders

  As personal injury lawyers, we feel privileged to help everyday people – folks who are often exploited, misunderstood, victimized, or are generally underserved. Specifically, we’ve made it our life’s work to help victims – people who’ve been injured in car accidents, at unsafe workplaces, through medical malpractice, or who’ve been harmed by negligent property owners in such incidents as slip-and-fall accidents. As such,...

Can the Risks of “Informed Consent” or Liability Waivers Negate Your Personal Injury Case?

Answers to that question and others like it are critically important in today’s complicated legal environment, where documents you might be asked to sign – such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), indemnification clauses, mandatory arbitration agreements, liability waivers, and even restrictive employment contracts – are becoming more and more commonplace. For example, did you know that medical providers provide individuals with information...

If Negotiation, Mediation or Arbitration Fail, It’s Time for Litigation. What Does That Mean for Your Case?

In recent articles, we’ve discussed various methods of resolving personal injury lawsuits, including pretrial negotiation along with helpful alternative dispute resolution tools such as mediation and arbitration. But when push comes to shove, and these alternative methods aren’t resulting in a successful resolution of differences between our clients and the defendants who did them significant harm, we never hesitate to go on to...

Michigan’s “Good Samaritan” Laws Are Written to Protect Well-Intentioned Bystanders… but How Much Safety Do They Offer

  You’re probably familiar with the biblical Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Similarly, the Buddhist/Hindu concept of karma essentially states that your own good (or bad) actions will ultimately be repaid in kind. Or perhaps you’ve heard of the idea of “paying it forward” – which happens when you provide someone with a generous...

Michigan’s Auto Insurance Dilemma: Why Are Premiums So Absurdly High?

As you probably know, despite widely publicized efforts a couple of years ago to cut the premium costs we all pay, Michigan’s car insurance rates are still the highest in the nation. In fact, with average annual premiums approaching $4,000, Michiganders continue to pay more for car insurance than all other American drivers according to a MarketWatch report published just...

Taking the Arbitration Route: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Taking the Arbitration Route: Advantage or Disadvantage?We should start by saying there are several ways a personal injury case can typically be settled – by negotiation between the disputing parties and their attorneys prior to a case going to trial; via mediation using the services of a neutral third party to aid in resolving the issue; by both sides agreeing to use the services of...

Here’s to a Safe New Year Ahead: 24 Tips for 2024

Notice signAs we look forward to the coming year, it’s a good time to examine some worthwhile ways to help our dedicated readers stay safe throughout 2024. Because, while we’re always ready, willing and able to represent clients who have suffered injuries at the hands of irresponsible drivers, landowners who fail to properly maintain their properties,...

On the First Day of Christmas, My Lawyer Gave to Me: Advice to Stay Injury-Free 🎶

Christmas decoration-cover photoAs personal injury attorneys we’ve seen it all – slip-and-fall incidents that cause horrible, debilitating pain, deadly car crashes resulting in tragic consequences to drivers and passengers alike, negligent workplaces where hardworking employees have been seriously hurt through no fault of their own, and the bad results of improper or inadequate care provided by unprofessional medical workers. Though we hate to say...

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