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Mike Morse Law Firm Clear The List Initiative

As Mike Morse Law Firm continues celebrating Project Backpack’s 10th year, we’re helping 10 Metro Detroit teachers clear their classroom wish lists for the upcoming school year! Throughout the month of August, we’ll select 10 local educators and purchase $200 worth of items off their Amazon wish lists. Our teachers do so much more for...

Are Convertibles and Open-Top SUVs More Dangerous Than Other Vehicles?

Car accident lawyerThe Answer Might Surprise You As long ago as the late 1950s and early 1960s, consumer advocates were scrutinizing the safety of cars and trucks on American highways. For instance, Ralph Nader’s 1965 exposé “Unsafe at Any Speed” all but destroyed the reputation – and ultimately the sales – of the Chevrolet Corvair, making Nader a nationally recognized...

Michigan’s “Dram Shop” Law: Reducing Drunk Driving by Holding Bars and Restaurants Accountable

Michigan is one of over 30 states nationwide that have enacted so-called “dram shop” laws designed to prevent establishments that serve alcohol from selling to minors or serving adult customers who are visibly intoxicated. While this law is intended to protect Michigan motorists and pedestrians, it’s perhaps something of a catch-22 for restaurateurs. That’s because bar owners obviously stand to...

Road Rage Incidents Continue to Plague Michigan Drivers: Here’s How You Can Remain Safe in a Confrontation

  A couple of years ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic was still raging across Michigan, we discussed yet another growing danger plaguing the state: numerous frightening incidents of road rage. Angry motorists were taking out their freeway frustrations on fellow drivers in ever-increasing numbers, resulting in accidents, injuries, arrests, and even fatal shootings. Sadly, the situation has only become...

How Social Media Postings Can Compromise Your Personal Injury Case

As dedicated personal injury attorneys, we genuinely hate to say, “I told you so,” after unexpected information about our clients is found on the internet and revealed during legal proceedings. Such painful revelations can catch clients by surprise and hurt their chances of winning their cases. And it takes place more often than you might imagine. So...

How to Avoid Teen Catastrophe Behind the Wheel

The beginning of summer should be a happy time filled with graduation parties, high school proms, and other celebratory events that will forever remain etched in teenagers’ memories. But sadly, that isn’t always the case. You can probably imagine why. Alcohol, cell phone distractions, inexperience behind the wheel, and even normal exuberant teen behavior can sometimes result...

How to Properly Merge onto Our State’s Expressways

It seems like getting from entrance ramps onto Michigan’s network of highways is becoming more challenging all the time. Traffic is always growing, cars already traveling down the freeway are moving at high rates of speed, and many drivers leave little or no space for other vehicles to slip into the flow of 70-mph traffic....

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