How Long Can Symptoms Appear After an Accident?

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Though most car accident injuries are immediately apparent after a crash, some may go unnoticed. The chaos of the accident, other injuries, and delayed symptoms can all work to mask potentially serious wounds. Contacting a medical provider and diligently monitoring themselves after an accident can help victims understand and receive compensation for their injuries.

Delayed Onset Injuries can be Serious


Not every injury after a car crash manifests immediately and even serious ones can go initially undetected. Accidents are often overwhelming and other more obvious wounds or pains may overshadow seemingly smaller problems. Victims may also wrongly believe that certain symptoms are unrelated to their accident. Headaches and other common types of pain may be dismissed as routine only to prove dangerous down the line.

Delayed onset injuries after a car accident can include:

  • Concussion: Symptoms of a Concussion can be subtle and may not immediately appear. They can also be hidden by other injuries with similar symptoms.
  • Whiplash: While whiplash usually appears within 24 hours this is not always true. Like other soft tissue injuries, whiplash can also go unnoticed because it does not show up on an X-ray.
  • Brain Bleed: Some types of brain bleeding (such as subdural hematoma) can exist for weeks without a patient noticing and may even become fatal.
  • Back injuries: Victims may not notice back pain immediately after an accident as the pain can be masked by a rush of adrenaline and endorphins after the traumatic event

Always Seek Medical Attention After an Accident


Though you may feel fine initially after being involved in a car accident, medical screenings may be able to detect potential problems before they appear. The documentation a medical visit creates can also help you prove the extent of your injuries to your insurance company. Seeing a medical professional after an accident is essential to protect your own health and to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.



While it might be easy to dismiss a headache or tingling sensation as minor and unrelated to your accident, car crash victims should make sure they are taking any pain particularly seriously. Small symptoms can be indicative of larger problems, and it is always wise to document your pain and stay in contact with a doctor after an auto accident.

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