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Canton, MI truck accident attorneyThe Michigan Department of Transportation sets many requirements to keep the streets safe. In Canton, MI, for instance, truck routes restrict heavy vehicles to certain roads. Even where the posted speed limit is greater, trucks cannot exceed 65 miles per hour.

Despite these regulations, in 2018, there were 54,072 injury crashes in Wayne County, MI. If you or a loved one experienced an auto accident recently, you might be wondering what to do.

At Mike Morse Law Firm, our goal is to answer all your questions about Michigan truck accidents and explain your rights to receive financial damages. Schedule your free attorney-client consultation today by calling 855-MIKE-WINS.

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Why Trucking Companies Might Be Uncooperative After a Michigan Auto Accident

When you see a tractor-trailer or another large commercial motor vehicle, it is easy to imagine why a truck accident may be more severe than the average car or motorcycle accident, but you can understand all the differences when you speak to an attorney. In Canton, MI, traffic safety law holds irresponsible drivers accountable when they cause a car accident. Yet, some trucking companies resist admitting fault in motor vehicle accidents for several reasons, including the following.

To protect financial interests

Commercial truck insurance may range up to nearly $1000 per month, and the costs continue to rise. Insurance companies use rating factors to calculate the rates, including driving records. Being at-fault in an accident may have a big impact on how much a company needs to payout.

To protect employees

Most truck drivers hold special licenses. Traffic violations could cause them to lose their certification, which in turn means lost employees. Recruiting and training new employees is a time-consuming and costly process for trucking companies, so it’s needless to say that they want to hold on to the ones they already have.

To cover up negligence

Michigan law requires trucks to be examined and maintained regularly. If the trucking company failed to perform these checks according to government regulations, they could get in big trouble.

To avoid negative attention in the media

Truck companies have a reputation to uphold. If their business is criticized in the media, they could lose business.

Being unaware of driver negligence

Truck drivers may be less than honest with their employers if they caused an accident. They may fear losing their jobs or their driving credentials.

Why You Need Legal Advice After a Canton Truck Accident

You need accident lawyers who will go the distance on your behalf. For over 25 years, our law firm has investigated truck accidents to bring justice for Canton, MI, accident victims. As the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan, we have the resources to fight to maximize your compensation if negligence played a role in your truck or car accident.

When searching for the facts, an attorney leaves no stone unturned. The following are some of the factors we consider when investigating truck accidents.


Did you know that some types of cargo are riskier to transport than others? A truck transporting heavy farming equipment could cause more damage in an accident than a truck full of food. Michigan regulations set strict limits on the type and weight of cargo that trucks are allowed to carry. If the truck company did not follow the rules, a lawyer can fight to hold them liable for compromising your safety.

Operating distance

The longer the drive time, the higher the risk of accidents. Mechanical issues may arise. Truck drivers may get tired between stops and fall asleep at the wheel. If they are unfamiliar with Canton, they may not know the local traffic laws and wind up off the truck routes.

Our competent lawyers know the rules that truckers must follow. If a truck driver missed his mandatory break or drove outside of a truck route, a knowledgeable attorney from our law firm will use these facts to build a strong legal case.

Vehicle type

Michigan traffic laws limit the weight of commercial vehicles. If they are overloaded because of cargo, they have the potential to cause heavy damage in an accident.

Driving history

A truck accident attorney can access relevant records to paint a picture of the driver’s personality on the road. Speeding tickets or DUI penalties, even involving a personal vehicle, say a lot about a driver.

Too much is at stake to chance handling a truck accident on your own. Why not put the expertise of our capable accident lawyers to work for you while you focus on recovery? Our law firm has won over $1.5 billion and counting for our Michigan clients. We invite you to look over the types of damages you may be entitled to and contact a professional attorney to maximize your results.

Damages the Law Allows After a Canton Truck Accident

After a truck accident, you may feel your life will never be the same. Recoverable damages, however, can help relieve some of the financial burden caused by a crash. Michigan law allows auto accident victims to pursue the following types of compensation.

Personal injury damages

If you were hurt in a truck accident in Canton, MI, you may have received medical attention at a local hospital. Even months after the accident injury, you may find yourself going to doctor’s appointments or physical therapy sessions. You may be able to recover these medical expenses, however, with the help of a competent accident lawyer.

Lost wages

Time in the hospital or getting therapy may have kept you away from work. Or else a disability may make it difficult for you to continue in the same career.

Our Canton legal team will fight to get you the money you would have made working your normal schedule. And if the accident has affected your ability to earn a living, an accident lawyer can pursue damages for decreased earning potential as well.

Assistive household services

A personal injury might mean you can’t do what you once did, at least temporarily, so you might need help around the house. A personal injury attorney serving Canton can work on getting you the assistance you need.

Pain and suffering

Besides physical bruises, you might experience mental anguish, fright, and shock after a truck accident in Canton, MI. Our law firm can fight to recover noneconomic losses of an auto accident.

Injury and other losses may have disrupted your life, but you have hope. An attorney serving Canton, MI, can help you use the law to get you every penny you deserve. If you need an attorney in Canton, contact the experienced legal team of Mike Morse Law Firm for a free legal consultation today. We value the attorney-client relationship and want to help you get your life back on track.

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