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  • $9.6 Million Settlement For Triathlete Injured in Bus Crash

$9.6 Million Settlement For Triathlete Injured in Bus Crash

$9.6 Million Settlement For Triathlete Injured in Bus Crash
$9.6 Million Settlement For Triathlete Injured in Bus Crash

Our client lost his right hand and suffered a traumatic brain injury, but despite these life-changing injuries, he is determined to move forward.

His strength, will and determination are a true inspiration. We are proud to announce a $9.6 million dollar settlement for an accomplished triathlete, duathlete, and marathon runner who was struck, crushed and dragged by a bus resulting in catastrophic, life-altering injuries. Our client in this case was just 28 years old when he was hit and run over while riding a motorcycle on a beautiful spring day with some friends. He survived, thanks in part to the helmet and protective gear he was wearing, but tragically suffered the loss of his dominant (right) hand and a traumatic brain injury. This young man was a graphic designer. Losing his hand cost him his career and the ability to do so many things he loves. He also completely lost his senses of taste and smell and has trouble hearing, seeing and speaking. This healthy young athlete’s life changed forever in an instant.

Thank you to my incredible team for your outstanding and tireless work to win this settlement, which will once again change our client’s life – but, this time, for the better. The team, led by Eric Simpson and Lewis Melfi, Jennifer Rusher, Michelle Debski, Jamie Basel and Chris Filiatraut.

The police investigation revealed the bus driver ran a red light, causing this collision. We uncovered evidence that proves the driver had a history of distracted driving. We cannot allow this kind of reckless, irresponsible behavior on our roads, which puts innocent people’s lives at risk. We hope this settlement sends a strong message to others that distracted driving is dangerous and will not be tolerated. A young man will live for the rest of his life with the scars and damage caused by a negligent driver’s poor decisions.

On a personal note, despite his pain and suffering, I am continually amazed and inspired by our client’s positive attitude and unbreakable spirit. I planned to personally try this case and I got to know him well during our preparations. I truly admire him and I hope this settlement provides him comfort from the pain and suffering he has experienced and enables him to lead the best quality of life possible following this tragic event.

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