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What are the Requirements to be an Uber or Lyft Driver?

What are the Requirements to be an Uber or Lyft Driver?

Driving for a rideshare service like Uber and Lyft is appealing to many because these services make earning money as a driver so accessible—just about anyone can be a rideshare driver. But this accessibility can also be concerning for riders, as they have no guarantee that the stranger behind the wheel is being as safe as possible. In addition to displaying driver ratings by previous passengers, both Uber and Lyft guarantee that drivers using their services have met certain standards. In this article, we will cover what these requirements are and other related safety concerns riders may have.

Are Rideshare Drivers Trained?

Uber and Lyft drivers are not required to have a chauffer’s license or any other certificate that proves further training beyond what is required to secure a driver’s license in their state, but do they receive training from their rideshare service provider? Largely, no.

While Uber drivers are required to learn how to use the app and GPS navigation and Lyft drivers have to watch a series of six videos (20 minutes total) as safety training, these services do not require or conduct any training on how to safely operate a vehicle or defensive driving for their prospective and current drivers. 

Driver Requirements

Though rideshare drivers are mostly untrained, they are required to meet certain standards, including the following:

For Uber nationwide

  • Meet the age requirement for your region (21 for Michigan)
  • Have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the US (3 years if you are under 25 years old)
  • Have a valid US driver’s license
  • Proof of residency in your city, state, or province
  • A driver profile photo
  • Pass a driver’s screening that reviews your driving record and criminal history
  • Have a phone that can download and run the Uber driver app

For Lyft drivers in Michigan

  • Be at least 25 years of age
  • Have a valid driver’s license — Temporary or out-of-state licenses are also acceptable.
  • Pass a driver screening that reviews your driving record and criminal history.
  • Have a phone that can download and run the Lyft driver app

Vehicle Requirements

Rideshare driver’s vehicles are additionally required to meet the following standards:

For Uber vehicles in Detroit

  • No older than 15 years
  • 4-door vehicle
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding
  • Proof of personal Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Pass a vehicle inspection if it is over five years old

For Lyft vehicles statewide

  • 2009 or newer
  • 4-door vehicle
  • 5-8 seats, including the driver
  • Not a taxi or stretch limousine 
  • Not titled as salvage, non-repairable, rebuilt or any other equivalent classification

Vehicles operating under specific programs such as Uber Black and Lyft Lux are required to meet higher standards. 

How Safe are Rideshares?

The knowledge that rideshare drivers have such limited training might make some riders understandably wary but it’s hard to determine whether or not ridesharing has made our roads more dangerous. A Science Magazine article from 2018 reported that a study by three economists found that car accidents in the United States increased in 2014, breaking a decades-long trend of descent. This correlates with the rise of ridesharing services but is not conclusive proof that ridesharing services are to blame and Uber and Lyft have both questioned the claims. 

From an insurance coverage perspective, riders are often much safer in an Uber or Lyft vehicle than they would be in a taxi or even their own vehicle, as rideshare services offer generous benefits. Using a rideshare service also leaves a paper trail that can be helpful during litigation. 

Getting in any vehicle is ultimately a risk and only you can make decisions about your own safety and the safety of your dependents. Staying informed about your options and rights is always wise before using a rideshare service. 

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What are the Requirements to be an Uber or Lyft Driver?

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