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  • 5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool

5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool

5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool
5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool

Summer: Fun in the sun, playing in the pool — right? Sure. Just make sure your pool party doesn’t end with a lawsuit. At the Mike Morse Law Firm, our team of personal injury lawyers handles personal injury accident claims for many incidents (find tips to choosing the right personal injury attorney here). Statistically, prevention is key.

To make sure you’re not taken to court because of your pool, follow these 5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool:

1. Maintain adequate fencing

If you have a gate around the pool but the lock mechanism is faulty, now is the time to replace it. Just because the pool is in your yard doesn’t necessarily preclude you from being at fault should someone enter your property, without permission, and have an accident or even drown in your pool (particularly children). It should take some effort to be able to get into the pool.

2. Make it slip-proof

It’s a pool, so there’s going to be water surrounding it, for sure. But if the pool deck is slippery, you’ll need to take some steps to make sure someone isn’t going to fall into the pool or on the deck. This may mean you need to install some type of drainage device, put down something to absorb the water, or use rubber mats to provide grip.

3. Have flotation devices nearby

Even with the best swimmers, something can happen where they become incapacitated in the water. Any time someone is in the pool, make sure there are plenty of objects within reach to use for flotation or rescue, if need be. For children especially, this may mean using life jackets or even water wings — but know that those are not to be depended on for life-saving measures.

4. Maintain a proper chemical balance

The toxicity of the chemicals you put into your pool should be maintained at a normal level –provided you’re following the instructions carefully. Always make sure you’re putting the correct amount of chemicals into your pool to prevent skin or eye irritation, or accidental ingestion. And while we’re at it, make sure those chemicals are put away where they won’t fall into the wrong hands.

5. Supervise

When someone is using your pool, stay around to make sure they’re using it properly. And if someone isn’t, don’t hesitate to tell them so. Having a pool party where there’s alcohol involved? Better make sure everyone has their facilities about them. Got a raucous group of teens (or adults) getting involved in some horseplay while running and jumping in the pool? Tell them to tone it down or get out.


Even if you used these 5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool and someone was injured, or you were injured at someone else’s pool, call the Mike Morse Law Firm at (855) MIKE-WINS and our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will talk to you about your case.

5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool

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