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Truck Accident Statistics

Truck drivers and trucking companies are held to higher standards than most other drivers due to the large size and weight of their vehicles. Both federal and Michigan state laws apply to regulate many aspects of the trucking industry in order to maintain the safety of other motorists.

If you are involved in an accident with a large commercial truck, the damage and injuries are almost guaranteed to be more severe than those of a simple car accident. When you need help after an accident involving a large truck in Michigan, The Mike Morse Law Firm can help. Call 855-MIKE-WINS or email us today for your free consultation.

Michigan Truck Accident Statistics

According to the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts report released in 2016:

  • There were 12,479 heavy truck/bus drivers involved in crashes.
  • Of all heavy truck/buses related injuries, 17.6% were incapacitating while 0.93% led to death.
  • According to this report, there were 2,194 people injured in heavy trucks/bus crashes in 2016.
  • A total of 43 pedestrians and 21 bicyclists were involved in heavy truck/bus crashes in 2016. 10 of the 42 (23.8%) pedestrians were killed.

National Truck Accident Statistics

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:

  • The total number of truck occupants who died due to a crash increased by 27% from 2009-2016.
  • A total of 3,986 people died in large truck crashes in 2016 nationally.
  • 17% of these deaths were truck occupants, 66% were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles, and 16% were motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

Additional Michigan Truck Accident Resources

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