Common Michigan Truck Accident Injuries

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Common Michigan Truck Accident Injuries

Based on size discrepancy alone, if there is an accident involving a large truck and a typical passenger car, the likelihood of sustaining a significant injury increases for passengers of the smaller vehicle. Injured people should always seek medical treatment immediately following an accident, even if they seem fine at the time of the accident. Without a complete medical evaluation, many types of problems such as whiplash, internal injuries, or other traumas may not be immediately evident until sometime after the event. Additional health complications may arise if treatment is delayed.

Common Truck Accident Injuries and Symptoms

Being hit by a truck can cause severe, if not fatal, injuries. Common types of Michigan truck accident injuries include:

Abdominal Injuries

The blunt force applied to abdominal organs during a truck accident can cause life-altering damage to the bladder, kidneys, spleen, liver and pancreas.


It can be devastating to have a limb amputated, both financially and in regard to the victim’s quality of life. They may not be able to return to work, and they may also have to deal with the long-term expenses of hospitalizations, prescriptions, and living modifications.

Broken Bones

There are many different types of bone fractures. Sometimes children will sustain a bowing fracture, which means that a force bent and strained the bone, but did not break it. An open fracture, where the bone is poking through the skin is one of the most obvious types of broken bone scenarios. A comminuted fracture – when the bone is broken into more than two pieces or completely crushed – is especially common in truck accidents, due to the great force of impact. Some broken bones may heal within six weeks, but others may not regain full strength for many months and may even result in permanent deformity.


Burns are categorized as first-, second-, and third-degree. A first-degree burn only affects the top layer of the skin. A second-degree burn goes below the top layer of skin and could take weeks to heal. A third-degree burn goes through every layer of skin, possibly affecting nerves, muscle and even bone.

Closed Head Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a head injury. Some minor head injuries may heal within days, while a serious head injury may last for months or even cause permanent disability such as impairment to speech, vision, mental ability or movement. Following a head injury, headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, and ringing in the ears should be noted and reported to a doctor.

Cuts and Lacerations

Any kind of cut or laceration can lead to significant scarring or disfigurement. What the scar will look like can depend on many different variables such as the size of the wound, the age of the person injured, and how long the injury takes to heal. While scars sometimes fade over time, they aren’t likely to go away completely.

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord lies within the vertebrae. If damaged, it can cause weakness or numbness in parts of the body. If the damage is more serious, it may result in paralysis or even death. Symptoms will vary depending of the severity of the injury, but they may include headache, neck pain or stiffness, swelling, shoulder pain, loss of sensation, bladder and bowel control problems, difficulty breathing and inability to move an affected part of the body. Damage higher up the spinal cord typically correlates with more parts of the body affected. No one with a suspected spinal injury should be moved without medical supervision.

Sprains and Joint Injuries

When muscles or tendons are overstretched, sprains can occur. If the damage is in the wrists, shoulders, hips, ankles, fingers, toes, or elbows, then inflammation, pain, discoloration or restricted movement may be noted. Sometimes a severe sprain can produce symptoms similar to a bone fracture.

Whiplash Injuries

The sudden extreme thrust of the neck vertebrae forward and then back – as often happens in instances when a vehicle stops suddenly – is called whiplash. The ligaments and muscles around the neck become strained or damaged. Victims of whiplash can often share symptoms of those with other spinal injuries.

What Compensation Can I Get If I’ve Been Injured In A Michigan Truck Accident?

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a Michigan truck accident and are entitled to compensation, involved insurance companies will likely want to settle as quickly as possible, to minimize their costs. It’s not in your best interest to rush into an agreement of any kind without legal counsel. Contact Mike Morse Law Firm for an immediate, free consultation. Every Michigan truck accident case will be thoroughly investigated and evaluated based on your unique case. We will work to get you the highest level of compensation possible under the law.

We Can Help After A Michigan Truck Accident

If you have been affected by an accident involving a tractor-trailer, semi-truck, eighteen-wheeler, big rig or other truck in Michigan, Mike Morse Law Firm can help. Call 855-MIKE-WINS or e-mail today for your free consultation.

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