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What is a Michigan “Truck Accident”?

Truck accidents have the potential for more serious injuries due to their ability to carry differing amounts of weight. Trucks are placed in different classes by their weight category. To be considered a Michigan truck accident, the vehicle in question must be over 10,000 pounds. Learn more about Michigan Truck Accidents.

Insurance Requirements for Truck Drivers

Due to the potential hazards of heavily loaded trucks on the roadways, trucking companies are required to be properly insured. In fact, there are federal regulations that stipulate the amount of insurance trucking companies must carry, and many states also have laws pertaining to trucks and insurance. Learn more about Insurance Requirements for Truck Drivers.

Causes of Michigan Truck Accidents

When Michigan truck accidents occur, the potential for damage and injury is increased due to the heavy amounts of weight trucks normally carry. With this kind of risk, any miscalculation or negligent action can cause a traumatic accident. Learn more about the Causes of Michigan Truck Accidents.

Common Michigan Truck Accident Injuries

Accidents involving large trucks have a significantly higher risk of causing damage and injury, especially when smaller vehicles are also involved. Although modern cars and trucks employ various safety mechanisms, these cannot completely prevent injuries from happening. Find out more about Michigan Truck Accident Injuries.

Truck Accident Statistics

Because of the high potential of loss and injury in truck accidents, both federal and Michigan state laws provide stringent guidelines for trucking companies in order to promote public safety. However, far too many accidents still occur on Michigan’s roadways. Find out more about national and Michigan Truck Accident Statistics.

We Can Help After A Michigan Truck Accident

If you have been affected by an accident involving a tractor-trailer, semi-truck, eighteen-wheeler, big rig or other truck in Michigan, The Mike Morse Law Firm can help. Call 855-MIKE-WINS or e-mail us today for your free consultation.