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Defective Medical Device Lawyers in Detroit, MIMedical devices can give ill people a new lease on life and help improve their sense of well-being. Recipients of these life-changing devices attest to the devices’ efficacy when they work. Unfortunately, some of these medical devices struggle to live up to people’s expectations. When these medical devices fail, they can cause serious injuries.

Patients should not suffer injuries or lose their lives because of defective medical devices in the first place. Nevertheless, recent estimates show that defective medical devices have caused over 2 million injuries and some 80,000 deaths in the US. This is despite the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulating over 190,000 different medical devices.

If you have been hurt by a defective medical device, you should talk to an experienced defective medical device lawyer serving Detroit, MI. Southfield-based Mike Morse Law Firm investigates defective medical device cases for clients. We also offer free consultations on defective medical devices to you and other residents in the Detroit metro area.

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Understanding the Various Medical Device Categories

Every defective medical device case involves the use of one or more medical products in Class I, Class II, and Class III categories. These medical device categories depend on certain requirements:

  • How long the person will use the device
  • If the medical device requires an invasive surgical procedure or not
  • If doctors can plant medical device surgically or the device becomes active after its inserted/attached to the target body part
  • The possibility that the device may contain medicinal substances or drugs

Let’s take a quick look at the various categories. It’s vital to pay attention to all three categories if you want to file a defective medical device lawsuit.

Class I Medical Devices

These are the least risky devices and require only minimal regulatory control. The medical products aren’t under extensive scrutiny to pass the compliance review of the Food and Drug Administration agency. Examples of Class I medical devices are dental floss, dental syringes, and bandages.

Class II Medical Devices

Class II devices have moderate risk factors and are a bit more complex than Class I devices. Nevertheless, they’re still considered simple devices, even though they must pass stricter compliance controls. Some examples of Class II medical products are wheelchairs and pregnancy test kits.

Class III Medical Devices

Class III devices are the most dangerous of the devices with very high-risk factors. These need the strictest compliance protocols before patients can use them. Some examples of Class III devices are hip implants and heart pacemakers.

These are the classifications of the various medical devices. If you use one and want to find out what its classification is, go here. If you have any questions about your device’s class, we can offer some legal guidance. Feel free to contact one of our defective medical device lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm today.

Dangers of Defective Medical Devices

All medical devices and products should work with minimal side effects. When patients or users use them, their lives should improve. However, when a medical product doesn’t work as advertised, the product can cause serious side effects and even wrongful death.

Some of the common dangers of defective medical devices include:

  • Risk of pain and infection – Patients with loose implants may suffer severe pain and may need revision surgeries
  • Possible blood poisoning – This occurs when metallic parts break down releasing metal ions like titanium or cobalt into the bloodstream
  • Expensive revision procedures – Patients may have to spend money they don’t have to correct the surgeon’s mistakes
  • Localized or systemic inflammation – This happens when there’s an adverse reaction to implants such as hernia meshes
  • Nerve, muscle, or bone damage – Metallosis which is a condition where metal debris goes into the bloodstream can damage tissues by starving the tissues of oxygen and killing the cells
  • Disfigurement like limping – This is often seen when hip replacement or knee implants malfunction
  • Electric shocks – Some devices can cause electric shocks when they’re improperly placed or if they fail
  • Temporary or permanent paralysis – This is common in procedures and treatments involving the spinal cord, lower back, or the brain
  • Traumatic brain injury or brain damage – This happens a lot when surgical staples malfunction during surgical procedures, thus causing the patient to bleed excessively
  • Psychological or behavioral changes – This is common in patients who underwent brain surgery before something went wrong with the medical device
  • Death – A common example of a medical device failure that can cause death is a failed surgical staple that’s not caught on time

If you’re a resident of the Detroit metro area or the State of Michigan, you have rights. If you’ve suffered injuries or pain because of a defective medical device, get in touch with Mike Morse Law Firm today. Our legal team may be able to help you secure adequate compensation that will help make your situation manageable.

We understand that your life may have changed because of the complications caused by the defective medical device. It’s also understandable that you want your old life back. The best way to get some justice, gain some form of control over your life again, and ensure your family’s future is secure is to get what’s due to you.

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Types of Medical Device Defects in Detroit, MI

Before filing your claim, it’s important to know where the real problem lies. Otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of time suing the wrong entity. When it comes to defective medical product liability lawsuits, understanding the origin of the fault is crucial to your case. There are three types of defective medical product categories: design, manufacturing, and marketing or warning defects.

Design defects

These medical device defects are products of poor or faulty design. These flaws become obvious when the patient or individual uses the medical product, but the device is unable to work as it should.

Design defects tend to be general, as you’ll most likely find a common theme among users. Medical products with flaws often have a designer problem. If you had a personal injury because of a medical product’s design flaws, like burn injuries, we’ll bring legal action against the responsible party.

Manufacturing defects

Medical devices need to be correctly manufactured. This means that every centimeter, width, length, or measurement must be absolutely precise. If one or more of these criteria is flawed, the device will not work as well. When one unit or many units of a medical device is/are defective and patients suffer from their use, you may be able to file personal injury claims.

Marketing or warning defects

Problems in marketing or warning of a device usually happen when the manufacturer fails to warn patients of serious side effects. Many medical device manufacturers often omit pertinent information about their devices’ flaws, hiding behind the FDA’s reporting exemptions guidelines.

The good news is, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that companies are exploiting this loophole to hide potentially harmful information about their products. This is why the FDA has committed to clamping down on reporting exemptions.

However, until that happens, the reality is patients like you will continue to get hurt. If you’re injured, you can work to ensure that no one else goes through a similar experience like yours by bringing a lawsuit against the erring firms. This is a win-win for everyone who has been hurt in the same way.

If you win, the defective medical device manufacturer will compensate you. Plus, you get to have a say in improving the quality of every product the medical device manufacturer makes in the future.

If you’re hurt by a flawed medical device and need the help of a highly skilled defective medical device lawyer in Detroit, Mike Morse Law Firm can offer legal guidance and support. We’re experienced with product liability suits and understand the complexity of these cases.

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Do I Have a Case?

What Does Michigan Law Say About Defective Medical Devices?

Did you know that in Detroit, MI, some medical devices may also use drugs? This means that some devices which employ drugs are commonly referred to as combination products.

In the State of Michigan, defective medical device cases can be quite complex and stressful because the laws are complicated. Michigan state laws make it seem almost impossible to bring legal action against the manufacturers of defective medical devices or drugs.

In fact, you can only bring a product liability case against a manufacturer if you have concrete proof that the product was unsafe for use at the time it left the manufacturer’s possession. This implies that you would need to prove that there were either manufacturing or design errors.

Not just that, you would have to compare alternative and fully functional designs or products to the device in your case. These designs or products must aim to fix the same health problem that the manufacturer’s product was meant to correct.

The court may also require evidence that the product manufacturer did indeed hide certain pertinent information that would have prevented the FDA from approving the device if the FDA had that information beforehand.

Can you already see the hoops you have to jump through to get some semblance of justice and compensation for your injuries, pain, and discomfort? This is why many defective medical device cases in Michigan can seem like an uphill battle.

If you, though, have an experienced defective medical device law firm in Detroit, MI, providing legal guidance and support, you may be able to secure a favorable outcome. The legal team at Mike Morse Law Firm has extensive knowledge, the skills, and experience required to handle this type of case.

We can go the distance for you and help you see this case to a logical conclusion. Call us at 855-MIKE-WINS today for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Common Defective Medical Devices Case Types that We Can Help With

There are so many dangerous and defective medical devices in the market that it would be difficult to list them all here. At Mike Morse Law Firm, the following are some of the defective medical device cases that we can take on and help you with:

  • Hip implants or replacement failure – While over 95 percent of hip implants or replacement surgeries relieve hip pains, the other 5 percent of hip implants do not help. These are mostly caused by faulty hip implants, surgical errors, or worn hip replacement products.
  • Transvaginal mesh injury – Transvaginal mesh devices are meant to correct pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in female patients. The FDA has ordered all transvaginal mesh manufacturers to stop selling their devices in the US until further notice.
  • Intrauterine devices – These are designed to help prevent conception in women. When IUDs fail, they can cause unwanted pregnancies and even STIs.
  • OtisKnee cutting guides – These were used in total knee arthroplasty surgeries and served as a way for surgeons to make more precise cuts on the knee.
  • Hernia mesh – This is used to support damaged tissues around the site of a hernia. Some of these meshes have been known to fail, causing patients severe pain and agony. In such cases, patients often need to go back in for revision surgery.

There are so many defective medical device case types that we can and do take on. If you’ve been hurt from dangerous medical devices, please reach out to Mike Morse Law Firm today. We may be able to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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