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Dearborn, MI Car Accident LawyerThe Michigan personal injury attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm are dedicated to providing quality legal representation for each and every one of our clients in the area of Metro Detroit, Michigan. If you or a loved one in Dearborn has suffered due to an auto accident caused by another person, you need lawyers who know Michigan law and will help you find peace of mind.

As one of the largest law firms in the state, the Michigan car crash lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm have helped thousands just like you recover compensation for their auto accident injuries. After a car accident in Dearborn, Michigan, you may have many questions about Michigan law and what to do next. We are here to answer those questions and help you get the best possible resolution to your MI personal injury case. We work on a contingency fee basis, so there’s no need to worry about initial costs – you don’t owe us anything until and unless we win.

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Types of Car Crashes

Car accidents in Michigan can happen in a wide range of circumstances. In many cases, there may be serious damage to the vehicles and bodily injury to the drivers and passengers.

Some of the most common types of auto accidents in Dearborn, MI, are as follows:

  • Rollover crash – Commonly caused by driver behavior, environmental conditions, and vehicle type
  • Rear-end collision – Commonly caused by inattentive driving, tailgating, or slick roads due to weather conditions
  • Side-impact collision – Also known as T-bone or broadside collisions, commonly occurring at intersections and in parking lots
  • Head-on collision – Commonly caused by lack of driver attention, road conditions, and driver weaving into oncoming traffic
  • Single-car accident – Commonly caused by collisions with debris on road, or animals such as deer

While some types of accidents are more severe than others, any Michigan car crash can cause extensive property damage or bodily harm. In 2018, in Wayne County alone, the Michigan State Police reported 54,072 crashes with 153 fatalities.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a car crash in Dearborn, MI, you don’t have to fight the effects on your own – Mike Morse Law Firm is here to help you get through this difficult time. We will help you pursue the highest amount of compensation possible for your case and allowable by Michigan law.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Dearborn, Michigan

Sadly, many Dearborn, MI, car accidents are completely preventable, caused by driver error. If your Dearborn accident had one of the following causes, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your losses in a personal injury lawsuit according to Michigan law.

Common causes of car accidents in Dearborn include:

  • Distracted driving – Drivers talking on the phone, texting, eating, or deep in conversation causing them to lose focus on the road
  • Failing to note weather conditions – Sun glare, fog, rain, ice, and snow (often present in Michigan winters) can all affect stopping times and cause accidents if drivers fail to accommodate for these
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Tailgating – When a driver travels too closely behind the car in front and can’t stop safely
  • Changing lanes without signaling or leaving enough room for the other vehicles
  • Speeding

There may be multiple contributing factors in each Dearborn, MI, car accident case. To get to the bottom of the cause of your Dearborn, Michigan, accident, you need a lawyer who will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case according to Michigan law.

At Mike Morse Law Firm, our Dearborn auto accident lawyers gather extensive information to prove liability in every Michigan personal injury case. Call us today for your free consultation with a qualified Dearborn, Michigan, personal injury lawyer who is well-versed in Michigan law.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious and permanent injuries to any Dearborn citizen. While victims may not realize the full extent of the damage until weeks or months after the crash, they should still be compensated for the pain and suffering that they experience due to another Michigan drivers’ negligence. This will help to ensure that they are able to recover what they need in a future Dearborn personal injury claim.

Below find some of the most common car accident injuries:

  • Whiplash
  • Arm and hand injuries
  • Broken or fractured bones, commonly ribs, and sternum
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Knee, leg, and hip damage
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Nerve damage
  • Psychological trauma

We pride ourselves on our thorough examination of your medical records, reports, and x-rays to prove the full extent of your injuries. As opposed to some Dearborn law firms, at Mike Morse Law Firm, we are always happy to answer any questions you have about Michigan law. We want you to understand exactly how we can use the information we gather for our Dearborn clients to get a better settlement from a Michigan insurance company. Contact us today to speak with a Dearborn personal injury lawyer at our Michigan law firm.

What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a Michigan auto accident, you may feel overwhelmed as to what or what not to do. The fact is that there are some things you can do to improve your chances of recovery under Michigan law.

After your collision, try to take the following steps if you are able:

  • 1. Call 911. No matter what the other people involved in the accident may say or try to convince you to do, it’s important that the Dearborn police are notified. Also, you want to make sure that a Michigan police report is made and that you have the attending officer’s information.
  • 2. Compile as much information as possible. Make sure to take pictures or video of the scene and the damage. Also try to get information from possible witnesses, getting their contact details as well.
  • 3. See a doctor or medical professional in Michigan. In an accident, often adrenaline hides the pain. It’s vital that you document your injuries in a medical report as close to the accident as possible to have a higher chance of recovery by law.
  • 4. Report the accident and your injuries to your personal Michigan insurance company.
  • 5. Call a Dearborn, MI, personal injury law firm with experience in Michigan car accident law and speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

At Mike Morse Law Firm, we know this is a stressful time for you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s vital to do everything you can to give yourself the highest chance of recovery. We are here 24/7 to answer your Dearborn car accident questions free of charge. Contacting Michigan’s largest personal injury law firm may give you the best chance for success.

Do I Have a Case?

Michigan No-Fault Law

As of summer 2020, Michigan law changed regarding car accidents. Michigan is now a no-fault state, which means that when an individual suffers injury in a motor vehicle accident, an auto insurance company is required to pay benefits. These benefits, by Michigan law, would include the cost of medical care, recovery and rehabilitation, wage loss, and so on. However, determining which Michigan insurance company is responsible may not be easy.

That’s where a Michigan car accident lawyer can help. At Mike Morse Law Firm in Michigan, we have been keeping abreast of the changes to the no-fault statute so we can help our Dearborn clients navigate the tricky system. We are there for our Dearborn, MI, personal injury clients every step of the way to stand up for their rights and provide peace of mind. Click here to watch a recent episode of the Open Mike podcast that covers everything you need to know about Michigan’s no-fault law.

Possible Recovery Options For Your Car Crash Case

After a serious car accident, the victim can incur high medical bills in addition to wage loss and property damage. Just how much of these expenses may be compensated for in a Michigan personal injury claim? An experienced Dearborn, MI, personal injury lawyer will be able to help you by examining the specifics of your case. However, in general, auto accident victims are entitled to 4 main types of benefits according to Michigan law.

The first type of benefits included in Michigan law is known as allowable expenses. This would include any costs necessary for the medical care or treatment of injury, recovery, or rehabilitation of the victim. For example, this may include prescriptions, ambulance transportation, medical equipment, and more.

The second type of benefits in Michigan law is known as replacement services. These refer to activities the victims would normally have been able to do by themselves but now need assistance with due to their injuries. These services may involve housework, meal preparation, shopping, childcare, and more. These benefits may be claimed for up to 3 years.

The third benefit type allowed by Michigan law is work loss, or compensation for lost income. This may be claimed for up to 3 years at a rate of 85 percent of the normal pay.

The fourth benefit is survivor loss benefits. These are benefits that go to the Michigan victim’s family in the case of wrongful death. These benefits are designed to cover the lost income, funeral and burial costs, and replacement services.

In addition to the above benefits, additional compensation may be added for pain and suffering due to injury – if your case complies with a few requirements. For example, the law states that the other driver must have been at least 50 percent at fault for the accident; you must not have intentionally caused the accident, or have been driving uninsured. Also, according to Michigan law, you must prove the extent of pain and suffering by showing that you sustained a serious impairment of a bodily function or disfigurement due to the accident.

Michigan compensation law in car accident cases can be complex, so it’s important to talk to a Dearborn, Michigan, personal injury lawyer who can help you. You must have someone on your side who understands the law and can use it to help you get the maximum amount of compensation allowable by Michigan law in your Dearborn, MI, case.

Dearborn Car Accident Lawyers Who Care

At Mike Morse Law Firm, our Dearborn, Michigan, personal injury attorneys are committed to providing the very best results to our clients. We are here every step of the way to answer all of your questions about Michigan car accidents. We are thoroughly familiar with Michigan motor vehicle law, and we can help you seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

In 2018 alone, we won over $160 million for our Michigan personal injury clients. We pride ourselves on the number of people we have helped over the past 25 years in Michigan, and we are touched by the kind things they have said about the work we’ve done. Click here to read our clients’ own words.

No matter the complexity of the circumstances surrounding your Michigan auto accident, we always provide the highest level of service to each personal injury client. We will visit you in the hospital, help you with your insurance paperwork, track down witnesses, gather expert opinions, and more. This is all part of the service we provide. We know Michigan law can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make the entire legal process easier for you.

If you are looking to maximize the amount you recover for your Dearborn, Michigan, case, the personal injury team at Mike Morse Law Firm will go the distance to work for you and get you every penny you deserve by law. You don’t pay a dime until your Michigan auto accident case is settled. Remember, you can always call us toll-free at 855-MIKE-WINS or email us anytime. Contact us today to get your free consultation!

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