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Michigan’s Largest Personal Injury Law Firm


Halloween Is The Most Fatal Night of the Year for Child Pedestrians — Check Out These Safety Tips Before Taking to the Streets!

So many traditions surround Halloween, a day when the divide between the living and dead is supposedly at its thinnest. Thankfully, this is just folklore popularized by the scary stories, costumes, and horror movies we see this time of year. So, what is there to be genuinely frightened of this Halloween (other than potential cavities from overindulgence in Halloween candy)? The number of innocent children injured by inattentive or intoxicated motorists.

Jaywalkers Need to Know These Michigan Pedestrian Laws Before Stepping off the Curb

Michigan pedestrian accident lawyersJaywalking — the commonly used term for crossing streets outside of designated crosswalks — is a confusing topic for pedestrians, drivers, and even police officers. In fact, laws regarding the right-of-way for people traveling on foot are so often misunderstood that the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning recently issued a document titled Michigan Pedestrian Laws “Guide for Law Enforcement Officers” to clarify how they should approach accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Can a Personal Dashcam Help You After a Car Accident?

You’ve probably seen the videos yourself. Footage taken by automatic, dashboard-mounted cameras (better known as dashcams) is becoming a familiar element in both law enforcement efforts and everyday driving experiences. Recently, dashcam footage of a fuel tanker exploding in Troy made national headlines and showcased the admirable skills of nearby drivers who miraculously avoided the catastrophe.

Insurance Companies Have Overcharged Michigan Drivers Since the Onset of the Pandemic— Here’s How to Recoup Your Costs

Consumer advocacy groups recently reported that car insurance companies may have overcharged Michigan residents $1 billion since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And while many of us received insurance premium rebates, consumer defenders say they were far too small, especially considering the reduction in accidents across the state. While the state may not force insurers to further cut their rates, our latest blog post has some tips that can help you take matters into your own hands. Check it out and let us know how much you were able to save on your car insurance coverage!

What Should I Do if I Get in a Car Accident?

What to do after a car accidentA Step-By-Step Guide to Reduce Post-Accident Stress. Bang! Whether that jarring sound comes from a rear-end collision, or you’ve been T-boned by someone running a red light, no one is ever prepared to hear it. After all, that’s why we refer to such incidents as accidents.

What Happens if You’re Hurt in an Accident as a Passenger?

Involved an Accident as a PassengerAt Mike Morse Law Firm, we’ve won over $1 billion for our clients. You’ll probably agree that’s not chump change. But, before we discuss whether your car accident injuries could result in a multi-million-dollar legal settlement of your own, let’s first discuss your car insurance. Recent changes to Michigan no-fault insurance policy coverage have made the information in this week’s blog vital to you and your family’s finances.

Project Backpack Hits the Road!

backpack project, Mike Morse Law FirmAfter donating 23,000 backpacks to Detroit Public School Community District kids, and thousands more to families across Metro-Detroit at the Big Tent Backpack Event, Mike Morse Law Firm took Project Backpack on the road! This year, Project Backpack has expanded its reach to provide hundreds of school essential-stuffed backpacks to Detroit Youth Choir, Pontiac Public Schools, and the Downriver communities. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

New School Bus Safety Laws Impact Michigan Motorists

New School Bus Safety Laws Impact Michigan MotoristsAs parents and children kick off a new school year , we’re taking the opportunity to remind everyone of Michigan laws related to school bus safety — especially since it has been quite some time since many students actually rode in a bus, or motorists have seen normal numbers of school buses on the road! In particular, we felt it important to alert readers to two new Michigan laws intended to make bus rides to school event safer.

Steer Clear of These Michigan Accident-Prone Roads

Michigan Highway car accident lawyersThere’s no question about it: traveling from here to there can be fun. Driving a sporty car… riding a bike on a crisp, sunny morning… hitting the road on a throaty Harley… even stepping into a comfortable pair of shoes and hoofing it to your destination… all can be enjoyable ways to travel, and some even help you stay physically fit. However, at the same time, traveling can be dangerous, especially if you end up commuting in one of the locations known to be Michigan’s most perilous accident hotspots.

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