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The Faulty Logic of Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Reform.
(Sure, some drivers might save a little money – but at what cost?)

Insurance coverageRecent no-fault insurance reform legislation was billed as a solution to Michigan’s high auto insurance rates, an answer to racial, socioeconomic, and geographic cost inequities, and even as a way to reduce our state’s startlingly high number of uninsured drivers. Has it been a success… or was it a scam? We attempt to answer that...

What’s the Statute of Limitations… and How Does It Affect My Personal Injury Case?

statue of limitation in MichiganIf you’ve ever watched a TV courtroom drama, you’re probably familiar with common, legal jargon such as “beyond a reasonable doubt,” or “innocent until proven guilty.” These phrases which form the foundation of our entire legal system are designed under the premise of protecting citizens from unfair prosecution, regardless of the crime they’ve been accused...

States are Taking Action Against Distraction

Texting and driving can cause car accidents and may put you in need of a lawyerIt’s no April Fool’s joke.  April 1st marks the beginning of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which means states across the nation are taking the issue more seriously.  And well they should.  According to a study conducted by Virginia Tech, texting while driving increases the risk of an accident (or even a near miss) by more than 23 times compared to the likelihood of the same thing happening to a driver who isn’t distracted.  What’s more, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says driving while texting is six times as dangerous as drunk driving.  That’s right -- holding your cell phone can be far more hazardous than taking a swig from a six pack.

WINTER WARNING: Slip and Falls on Snow and Ice

Every year, right about this time, when Michigan gets slammed with winter weather, my office receives hundreds of calls from people who have been injured in bad falls on snow and ice. They have lots of questions about what their rights are, and what do land owners have to do to keep the roads, parking…

5 Ways to Sue-Proof Your Pool

Picture with a poolSummer: Fun in the sun, playing in the pool — right? Sure. Just make sure your pool party doesn’t end with a lawsuit. At The Mike Morse Law Firm, our team of personal injury lawyers handles personal injury accident claims for many incidents (find tips to choosing the right personal injury attorney here). Statistically, prevention is…

How To Choose Your Personal Injury Attorney

Mike Morse client with a broken leg injury speaking with his lawyer over the phoneWhen you or a loved one has been injured, you want the offender to make things right and you want justice. And that means hiring the best personal injury attorney in Michigan. There are many options but we are here to help you narrow your search. While hiring a personal injury attorney may seem daunting,…

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