Episode 4 - Attorney Don Cummings on How to Get a Great Lawyer for Free

Episode 4 – Attorney Don Cummings on How to Get a Great Lawyer for Free

Don Cummings is an accomplished attorney at the Mike Morse Law Firm and also a World Record-holding strongman. He and Mike break down the contingency fee system and how it helps everyday people access the courts. Don also discusses how he became interested in strongman training, his World Records, and also performs a few stunts […]

Episode 3 - Important Changes to Michigan's No-Fault Law

Episode 3 – Important Changes to Michigan’s No-Fault Law

In May of this year, Michigan’s state legislature passed a new no-fault law, changing fundamental aspects of Michigan’s existing no-fault guidelines. Mike sits down with his mother, Susan Morse, and Co-Host and investigative reporter Kevin Dietz to talk about the controversy surrounding these new changes, how insurance companies will gain, and what you need to […]

Episode 2 - A sit down with Susan Morse

Episode 2 – A sit down with Susan Morse

Susan Morse wears many hats as both a veteran financial planner, and the mother of our own Mike Morse. The two take a trip down memory lane, going back over 30 years to the beginning of Mike’s entrepreneurial childhood and life growing up in Detroit. Mike gives advice on finding and honing in your passion […]

Episode 1 - Kevin Dietz on the Carl Collins Controversy

Episode 1 – Kevin Dietz on the Carl Collins Controversy

Open Mike Co-Host Kevin Dietz is an award-winning investigative reporter based in Detroit who’s covered breaking stories for over twenty years. He and Mike discuss recent controversies surrounding Michigan attorney Carl Collins III, who in October of this year was indicted on tax evasion and fraud charges. Mike outlines what rights you have to change […]

Welcome to the Open Mike Podcast!

Welcome to the Open Mike Podcast!

Finally…free legal advice you can actually use! I’m beyond excited to be launching my very first and only podcast, Open Mike. I’m going to be bringing on some of the top voices in Detroit and in America to bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I’m going to help you […]

Chris Hansen’s Biggest Predator Busts – Open Mike

In a three day period, over FIFTY men showed up to a home in Riverside County, California during one of Chris Hansen’s predator busts.Hear Chris discuss the early days of ‘To Catch A Predator’ and some of his other biggest busts!#ChrisHansen#OpenMike#DatelineNBC#ToCatchAPredator#CrimeWatchDaily

Watch The Most Recent Episode of Open Mike with Chris Hansen!

You heard it from the man himself… On the latest episode of Open Mike with special guest Chris Hansen, him and I sit down to discuss the recent controversy surrounding YouTuber Onision, catching predators, and so much more. Watch the full episode here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dorwZR_Rq8Y&feature=youtu.be Or stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4kasYh1z0lSiDPd7MQWQMw… Click here to listen on Apple […]

Michigan Humane Society President Speaks on Dogfights in Detroit

President and CEO of the @michiganhumanesociety Matt Pepper discusses the unfortunate reality of dogfighting in Detroit. Him and his team at the Michigan Humane Society are actively fighting to end these acts of animal cruelty. Click below to watch Mike’s full conversation with Matt on OpenMike when the episode drops Christmas Eve! #MichiganHumaneSociety #OpenMike #AnimalWelfare #MikeMorse