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PTSD in Accident Survivors: Symptoms, Treatments, and Legal Protections to Look For

PTSD in Accident Survivors: Symptoms, Treatments, and Legal Protections to Look ForPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder, once known as “shell shock” was first mentioned in medical publications in 1915 after soldiers who’d been fighting in World War I began exhibiting various distressing symptoms and behaviors. In present time, medical science recognizes that individuals who’ve been traumatized due to a wide variety of different causes can also suffer from this...

A History of Deadly Michigan Motorcycle Accidents — and How to Avoid Joining Their Ranks

A History of Deadly Michigan Motorcycle AccidentsUnlike automobile accidents, which often involve multiple vehicles and are frequently caught on dramatic videos (like this recent rollover on the Lodge Freeway or this Detroit debacle on Woodward Avenue), motorcycle crashes often involve a single bike, or perhaps an unlucky bike and one other vehicle. But while they don’t often lend themselves to shocking viral...

Pool Perils: How to Remain Safe Swimming During Michigan Summer

pool accidents and how to avoid themTrigger warning: this article contains language and video relating to swimming-related accidents that may be disturbing to some readers. You may remember the tragic incident a few years back when nearly a dozen members of a family visiting a Niles hotel were poisoned by carbon monoxide gas leaking into the building’s indoor pool enclosure. Ten...

Michigan Roundabouts: How to Safely Navigate Those Confusing Traffic Circles

Michigan roundaboutsRoundabouts, also known as rotaries or traffic circles are designed to improve traffic flow, reduce fuel consumption, and boost quality of driving for motorists. In most cases they work as intended. But they can occasionally cause surprising problems, including some traffic-snarling accidents. Let’s talk about roundabouts… their defining characteristics, their potential value, and the possible risks...

Are Golf Carts and ATVs Ever “Street Legal” in Michigan

Are gold carts and ATVS street legal in Michigan?As with almost all questions in the legal world, we have to answer with our typical catchphrase: “It depends.” Before we get into the details of whether you can legally drive your UTV, ATV, or golf cart on Michigan’s backroads, let’s first define these vehicles so we’re all on the same page. The ABCs of ATVs,...

An Out-of-State Student Guide to Michigan No-Fault Insurance (Plus … Advice for Michigan Students Attending College Elsewhere)

An Out-of-State Student Guide to Michigan No-Fault InsurancePeople unfamiliar with Michigan’s somewhat unusual no-fault insurance laws have a few concerns or questions about coming here for college. For example, what happens if you’re insured in another state and get in an accident in Michigan? Should a college student attending a Michigan university obtain an insurance policy issued here? And what about Michiganders who choose to...

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