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  • The Best Places to Visit when the Weather Turns Awry

The Best Places to Visit when the Weather Turns Awry

The Best Places to Visit when the Weather Turns Awry
The Best Places to Visit when the Weather Turns Awry
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We Michiganders have a love hate relationship with the Winter Season. Although we love winter for the outdoor activities and holiday season, just about most of us end up complaining about the cold and the bad roads just after a week. In these cold and snowy times, any place with a heating system offers comfort from the chilliness seems like a fairly good place to be. However, these places are much more interesting if they have some fine food or great activities in them. Here are some places in Michigan that are perfect to beat the cold:

Fowling Warehouse

Located at 3901 Christopher St., Hamtramck, this establishment happens to be the best place for sports enthusiasts to visit. Offering a newly opened Gamer’s Gallery and a footpool floor, Fowling Warehouse strives to be the destination for anyone looking for time away from home and the cold. The place combines bowling and football, and happens to be a fantastic place for both small crowds and those looking to book for a large event.

The Hub Stadium

With its high ceilings and warm atmosphere, this place is certain to get you to take off your fur coat. Known for its incomparable bowling prowess, The Hub boasts 16 bowling alleys. Other activities include ping pong and axe throwing. It’s a great place for a large outing, with friends or family. The Hub Stadium can be found at 2550 Takata Dr., Auburn Hills.

Ready Player One

Having opened in late 2017, this video game themed place is the perfect place to beat the heat with friend. Enjoy delicious snacks, video game themed cocktails, actual video games and much more at Ready Player One. It’s confirmed to be a fantastic time for you and your friends. Ready Player One can be found at 407 E. Fort St., Detroit.

Pop + Offworld

Located in a recently renovated location, this partnership between Offworld Arcade and Pop is the arcade for a great time. Associated with the arcade gaming is wonderful food, entertainment, and much more every single day of the week. With its numerous varieties of New York style pizzas, it is guaranteed to not only steal your gaming heart, but your food-loving tongue as well. Go to Pop + Offworld to beat the cold at 128 Cadillac Sq., Detroit.

Punch Bowl Social

Located at the best possible spot in Detroit, this place combines arcade games with the most delicious alcohol. From billiards, to bowling, to other great activities, this bar mixes the most fun of arcade activities along with very high quality alcohol. Visiting it with friends is the best course of action, and it is bound to be a fun time that will stay with you for a while. If you are looking to move away from the chilly weather and have some fun, do visit the Punch Bowl Social at 1331 Broadway St., Detroit.

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The Best Places to Visit when the Weather Turns Awry

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