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Why Do Dogs Attack?

Why Do Dogs Attack?
Why Do Dogs Attack?

Why Do Dogs Attack?

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers get calls every day from innocent people who were viciously attacked by a dog. According to animal behavior experts, the main reasons that dogs bite are:

1. Excitement

When somebody plays with their dog, the dog becomes excited, and since they don’t have hands they use their mouth to grasp things. When this happens, it’s possible that the dog might unintentionally hurt you.

2. Protection

Dogs are very protective of their owner, other family members, and their territory. The natural way for a dog to protect is to bite whoever or whatever appears to be a threat When a stranger gets too close to a dog’s territory, the dog will attack to protect their owners and family members.

3. Pain

If a dog is in pain they don’t understand why. When someone touches them, they may associate that person with the cause of the pain and they may fight back by biting.

4. Fear

Dogs sometimes are afraid just like people. If someone unexpectedly touches or surprises them, the dog’s natural reaction is to turn and bite.

Be especially careful around dogs  you don’t know. Many Michigan dog bite victims are caught by surprise when a strange dog reacts differently than their own dog would to many situations.

Why Do Dogs Attack?

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