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5 Simple Ways To Sue-Proof Your Home

5 Simple Ways To Sue-Proof Your Home
5 Simple Ways To Sue-Proof Your Home

Dog bites, falls, falling branches: Many Michigan homeowners don’t think about how to sue-proof their home until it’s too late. At the Mike Morse Law Firm, we are always here to help if you are facing legal issues as a homeowner. But to prevent entering the courtroom, we are offering 5 Simple Ways to Sue-Proof Your Home:

1. Make your yard a gated community.

One of the most common reasons a homeowner is sued is because their dog bit someone. If you have a canine member of your family, make sure your fence is truly secure — and make sure the gate is locked or at least not able to wiggle open with the force of a large, four-legged friend. If one of your neighbors is bitten by your dog, they could contact a Michigan dog bite attorney (like us) and come after you for damages.

2. Lower the decibel level.

Maybe you like to celebrate summer with a few backyard barbecues. Or you like to have an annual Fourth of July bash. Perhaps Halloween is your favorite holiday for parties. Be careful: Your neighbors could find your celebrations irritating and loud. If you’re constantly creating a ruckus that goes well into the night, your neighbor could sue. Remember to be courteous and keep the noise down.

3. Trim those tree branches.

Summer storms can be brutal, with high winds, pounding rain and hail making a mess out of everything not nailed down — and even things you may think are secure, like trees. Keep your landscaping on YOUR side of the property line. And if you have an old tree that towers over a neighbor’s home, do what you can to ensure it wouldn’t cause any destruction during bad weather — even if that entails uprooting the whole thing.

4. Salt, salt, salt.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of keeping your sidewalk clear from snow and ice when we have a brutal winter. But — and this is VERY important — you have to do what is reasonably possible to make it safe for others to walk on the sidewalk. That would include shoveling the snow to leave a clear path and throwing salt down on any ice patches. Load up on rock salt at the beginning of winter and keep it handy so you can easily throw some down.

5. Pretend you are accident prone.

Take a walk around your property. Are there uneven sides of concrete on your driveway that someone could trip over? A huge exposed root next to the sidewalk? A wiggly step leading to your front door? If you see any imperfection that may lead to someone injuring themselves on your property — fix it.


If you’ve been injured on someone’s property, or someone was injured on yours, know your rights. Visit the Mike Morse Law Firm at www.855mikewins.com or call us at 855-MIKE-WINS. We specialize in several areas, including Michigan dog bite attorneys. Our team of experts can help you if you’ve been attacked by a dog, or even if you’ve had a slip and fall.

5 Simple Ways To Sue-Proof Your Home

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