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Coming to the Rescue for a Local Hero

Coming to the Rescue for a Local Hero
Coming to the Rescue for a Local Hero

Mike Morse Law Firm fought hard and won more than $100,000 for a local EMT seriously hurt in a car crash after his insurance company refused to pay. We also successfully represented on his social security disability claim.

Every summer, Jeff Stefancin – a licensed EMT with Franklin/Bingham Fire since 2001 – volunteers as a medic on a rescue boat for the Detroit hydroplane races, one of Detroit’s most fast-paced, high-energy events on the river. He has taken part in critical water rescues, helping get injured hydroplane drivers to safety. His mission in life is to assist others in need.

But, one summer on his way to the boat races, Jeff was the one who needed rescuing. He was at Grand Boulevard and Lafayette when a speeding driver in a pickup truck came out of nowhere, blew a red light, and caused a collision.


“It was a pretty violent crash,” Stefancin remembers. “There were three vehicles involved. My car collided with the pickup truck and it flipped, ejecting the driver who caused the crash. The truck landed on the hood of a car going northbound. All I remember was seeing blue [the color of the truck] and looking up and thinking, ‘Wow. What happened?’”

As you might expect, Jeff and his passenger got out and tried to assist others at the scene. That is what they do. It wasn’t until a short time later that Jeff started to experience numbness and was rushed to the trauma center in the hydroplane race pits. Doctors determined he had suffered a severe neck injury in the crash that caused significant weakness on his left side. They tried medication, physical therapy and even surgery. Today, Jeff is more comfortable, but still is not able to lift a stretcher like he used to.

To add to the ordeal, the speeding driver who caused the crash was not insured. At first, Jeff’s insurance company, AAA, was paying benefits. Then, they sent him to see their doctor and promptly stopped paying. Mike Morse Law Firm attorney, Matt Bates, led the effort to successfully get Jeff the compensation he deserves and we won more than $100,000 in two separate settlements. Our disability attorney, Andy Kata, helped ensure Jeff was approved for disability.

It was our honor and our pleasure to fight and win for this local hero. If you or someone you know is injured in a car crash and needs our help, call us at 855-Mike Wins. (855) 645-3945. We’re here 24/7 to answer your call. You’ll pay no fees until we win.

This year’s Detroit hydroplane races take place August 25-27. Follow this link to learn more: detroitboatraces.com

Coming to the Rescue for a Local Hero
Jeff Stefancin (left) with Lt. Tim Adams of Franklin Fire