Director of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Chris White, recently joined Mike and Kevin to discuss the recent protests around the country. Chris has been an activist for 36 years with several Detroit organizations. He also teaches classes on political science and business. Chris’ organization has recently been involved with advising Detroit protestors on their demands and conduct.

Mike and Kevin ask Chris about the killing of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta and what flaws in the police training may have led up to it. Chris also discusses the claim that a good portion of Detroit protestors are not city natives and shares his opinion that outsiders should be welcome to protest. Tune in to hear about Chris’ passionate fight against police brutality and what changes he believes need to be made in order to achieve equity.

Show Notes

[0:14] Introducing today’s guest, the director of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Chris White.

[1:19] What is Chris’ background?

[2:58] What are you seeing in Atlanta?

[5:55] Are people unified in what they’re fighting for?

[8:47] Has your organization been involved with the Detroit protests?

[10:21] Has your organization been meeting with city leadership?

[12:02] Why is your organization against Project Greenlight?

[13:02] The problems with facial recognition technology

[14:11] What do you think about outsiders coming to protest in Detroit?

[17:15] The Shelby Township Police Chief was suspended but not fired

[18:04] What is your opinion on Rayshard Brooks?

[19:44] What is something the Detroit Police do well?

[20:28] How long has the idea of defunding the police been around?

[22:55] You can contact the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality at: 313-778-4993 or on their Facebook page.

[23:37] Thank you for being on today, Chris, we would love to have you on again as things progress

[24:19] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike podcast

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