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  • Most Dangerous Areas in Michigan for Accidents with a Big Rig

Most Dangerous Areas in Michigan for Accidents with a Big Rig

Most Dangerous Areas in Michigan for Accidents with a Big Rig

If you happen to visit friends or family along the East Coast, you’ll soon learn that large trucks are called tractor-trailers. Down South, you’ll hear folks call them 18-wheelers. Here in Michigan and the rest of the Midwest, those monstrous trucks are referred to as semis. No matter what you call them though, big trucks getting on the highway can cause catastrophic consequences for anyone who gets in their way.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw it happen right here in Metro Detroit. A semi driver who was having a snack while driving accidentally choked on his food and lost control of his truck. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, although there was a lengthy lane closure on I-96. However, another recent Wayne County accident was not so harmless. An April collision in Romulus resulted in two injuries and one fatality. A woman died and a 15-year-old girl was hospitalized after colliding with a semi on Wayne Road; the truck driver was also injured in the crash.

But you don’t have to actually sideswipe a semi (or get slammed into by one) to feel the after-effects of a truck-related collision. A December chain-reaction accident on US-131 in Allegan County caused multiple deaths and injuries, and tied up traffic in the area for hours when police had to close the highway for cleanup.

With traffic rising back to pre-pandemic levels in most of the state, the likelihood of traffic accidents appears to be rising too. So what can you do to avoid becoming involved in a no-win fight with a monster truck? Here’s some advice to consider as you plan your next road trip.

Stay away from Michigan’s high-incident truck accident corridors

The most likely place to get into an accident involving a semi should be no surprise — Wayne County leads the state in truck accidents by far.  This is probably due to the sheer volume of semis traveling on the county’s roads.  In 2019, Wayne County suffered over 3,300 accidents involving trucks (that’s nearly 10 per day!) — almost double that of the next highest jurisdiction in the state for truck accidents, Oakland County (1,851 accidents).  As you might imagine, the other suspects for high numbers of truck accidents are Kent County (1,269) and Macomb County (1,266) close behind.

Where are you safest from truck accidents in Michigan?

Rural parts of the state have the fewest semi dustups. Keweenaw County had only two tractor-trailer accidents in 2019. Oscoda, Lake, and Iron Counties are close runners-up with only six truck collisions each during that year. So where there are fewer people, it seems there are less truck-related accidents.

Another tip to avoid truckers: avoid the interstates. An examination of statewide truck accident statistics shows that accidents involving semis tend to follow the paths of the major highways, with relatively few collisions in rural areas. Taking the scenic route, it appears, can also be the safer route.

But what if you simply have to use a busy highway or one of the ring roads around Michigan that seem to be perpetually packed with semis? Drive defensively, wear your seatbelt, and put your cell phone in your pocket. Remember — it pays to keep your eyes on the road at all times and to avoid distracted driving at all costs. But if you have an unexpected run-in with a truck anywhere across the state, our experienced Michigan truck accident lawyers can help. We will handle your case with skill and compassion, advocating for your right to compensation. Contact us 24/7 at 855-MIKE-WINS (855-645-3946) or email us to set up a free consultation.