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An accident with a big-rig can leave you feeling overwhelmed. The physical injuries can be severe and the costs to recover can be financially crushing. A personal injury lawyer with extensive knowledge about big-rig accidents, though, can indeed help you.

You need a legal team that can go the distance to protect your legal and financial interests. Mike Morse Law Firm is exactly that. We are Michigan’s largest personal injury law firm with more than 25 years of experience and over $1.5 billion dollars won for our clients.

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Identifying Who is At Fault in a Big-Rig Accident

Multiple parties can be found at fault for an accident involving a big-rig. An investigation is required in order to determine whether more than one party might be to blame. Once all responsible parties have been identified, they can be pursued for compensation.

Yet, this process is often less simple or straightforward. Big-rigs belong to the commercial trucking industry, which can be quite complicated. Here are just some of the parties that could be considered accountable in a big-rig accident case:

It is not easy to collect and examine all the evidence in a big-rig accident. Analyzing it correctly and processing it accurately according to Michigan law is both a complex and delicate task. Mike Morse Law Firm understands this intricate process, so why not put our experience to work for you?

Our lawyers can examine all facets of your collision, including the physical damage as well as logbooks and records related to the driver, the trucking company, maintenance of the truck, and even the cargo if it is relevant to the accident. 

We can scrutinize and compare these factors against Michigan and federal trucking laws. In any case, our aim is to identify and shed light upon the individuals responsible for each accident in question. We intend for every client to secure fair compensation.

Common Causes of Big-Rig Accidents

Michigan roads can range from peaceful and serene to crowded and dangerous. Traveling through congested traffic in a city can be challenging enough, but it is risky to be near a big-rig that is being driven dangerously. The situation is similar on an open highway between cities. Perhaps there is less traffic there, but in bad weather, the dangers increase.

Nonetheless, even in perfect weather with plenty of road space, human negligence and recklessness can lead to an accident. Drivers of big-rigs can be guilty of careless driving just as much as anyone else who is hurrying or inattentive. 

The truth is that, in any of the situations just mentioned, human error is often the main contributing factor in an accident involving a big-rig. Laziness, improper training, and drowsiness can lead to various forms of inattention or negligence.


A big-rig driver can demonstrate negligence either through distraction, inattention, or reckless behavior. Some of these behaviors are manifested in the following ways:

  • Ignoring traffic signals
  • Failing to obey posted traffic laws
  • Failing to yield to traffic
  • Failing to check their surroundings
  • Changing lanes when other vehicles are in the way

Poor truck maintenance

Proper maintenance of a big-rig is crucial for the safety of the driver and other vehicles nearby on the road. For one, suppose that scheduled maintenance is neither performed nor documented. In that case, this gap in the paper trail could be used to establish a case of negligence against the individual or company that owns the big-rig.

A maintenance-related failure could cause a truck driver to lose control of the big-rig or its cargo and cause an accident. Common examples of inadequate big-rig maintenance could include:

  • Unsatisfactory brakes
  • Brake failure
  • Incorrectly attached trailer
  • Faulty trailer equipment and parts
  • Defective steering
  • Bald or rotted tires

Improperly loaded cargo

Properly loaded and secured cargo is essential for a big-rig to operate safely while transporting material. If cargo becomes unattached and moves during transport, this could cause the vehicle’s center of gravity to change. As a result, the truck could roll over or jackknife, or the driver may be forced to unexpectedly and unsafely change lanes while trying to maintain control.

Lack of sleep

Truck drivers may be pushed to work long hours to reach deadlines. They might work hours beyond the federally regulated limits or beyond their personal limitations. They can easily become fatigued and drowsy, causing a serious accident. 

Some other causes of big-rig accidents can include: 

Get Compensation After Your Accident With a Big-Rig

After an accident with a big-rig, you will need to receive compensation that is fair and adequate. An attorney at Mike Morse Law Firm can look to maximize the amount you recover. Our legal professionals can put our expertise to work for you and get you every penny you deserve.

Your compensation can include the following:

  • Medical expenses – This could include both immediate medical bills as well as the costs of future required medical care caused by the accident.
  • Property loss – Items of value (including the vehicle) that are lost or destroyed can be reimbursed.
  • Lost wages – You may not be back on your feet immediately. As you heal, you may miss work for quite a while, but you may be able to receive compensation for these lost wages. Also, if you are permanently unable to return to work, you may qualify for lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering – Trauma after a horrific accident can stretch beyond only the physical pain. You may experience mental and emotional anguish because of the accident. This, too, can require restitution.

Undoubtedly, after an accident as severe as one with a big-rig, you will face considerable stress. Our attorneys want to help you reduce and, when possible, even eliminate the stress that confronts you. Our priority is to get you the compensation you require and do so while providing you with peace of mind.

Contact Our Michigan Big-Rig Accident Lawyers

In big-rig accident cases, there are challenges that are uncommon among other vehicle accident cases. Collecting all the evidence can be exhausting. The legal paperwork can be complicated and convoluted. The guilty parties and their insurances can be obstinate and dishonest.

You need a truck accident lawyer from Mike Morse Law Firm. Our personal injury attorneys can confront and overcome these obstacles. We can make certain that all required evidence is collected and the necessary steps are taken to ensure that you have a strong case.

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“This firm’s professionalism far exceeds the normal verbal and written communications expected from a law office. They could not have done a better job with the matters concerning my case and I would highly recommend them.”

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