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Learning from Teacher of the Week

Learning from Teacher of the Week
Learning from Teacher of the Week

Mike Morse Law Firm partnered with Mix 92.3 radio to recognize and award some of Detroit’s most dedicated teachers! We were so inspired, Teacher of the Week will continue through the end of 2016!

Teachers are our unsung heroes. They dedicate their lives to educating, encouraging, and caring for our children. They challenge students to be the best versions of themselves and, in turn, inspire parents and caregivers to do the same. As Henry Adams put it, “A teacher affects eternity; [he/she] can never tell where [his/her] influence stops.”

With education at the forefront of our values, we do whatever we can to ensure the children of metro Detroit have the tools they need to learn. Being so embedded in our Detroit schools has taught us that every part of the school day, from providing things like backpacks and school supplies to of course dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, impacts a student’s success. At the beginning of the school year, we partnered with Mix 92.3 to recognize, appreciate and award the hard work of some of our city’s best teachers. The effort is such a success; we can’t stop now! Here at Mike Morse Law Firm we’re really excited to continue honoring teachers for the rest of the year.

A is for Appreciation

We want to thank every parent, grandparent, caregiver, and student who acknowledges and nominates a special teacher in their life. It’s inspiring to read the stories you share and to see how many teachers are making an impact. With so many heartfelt stories and compassionate teachers to choose from, it’s hard to select just one winner each week.

B, C, and D: Brewed Coffee and Donuts

Every week, the chosen teacher receives a surprise visit at their school. Teachers are awarded a Mike Morse Law Firm gift pack and a personalized plaque courtesy of Wood’s Trophies. The celebration then expands to the teacher’s lounge, which Mix 92.3 loads up with coffee and donuts for faculty and staff.

E-ach Teacher of the Week from 2016

Congratulations and thank you to each teacher of the week we’ve selected so far! It is a privilege to give back to those who give their best to us every day. Who will win next? Keep following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to find out.

Here’s a list of this year’s winners so far!

  • Seabron, Communication and Media Arts High School: Nominated by one of her students, Mrs. Seabron is an English/creative writing teacher who motivates her students with intriguing lessons and the phrase, “when the going gets tough, you get going!”
  • Fitzpatrick, Beech Elementary School: More than just a gym teacher, “Mr. Fitz” has gained the respect of students and parents by getting know most by name and helping to direct traffic before and after school. He also runs the Watchdog Dads program to get fathers involved in the classroom.
  • Scott, East English Village Preparatory Academy: As an English teacher, Ms. Scott gives her students the tools to become not only better writers, but also better people. Because her life lessons don’t end in the classroom, Ms. Scott’s students often come back to her for guidance and advice even after graduating from her class.
  • Lown, Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine: Nominated by a parent, Mr. Lown’s kindness and interest in his students’ goals prepares them for success right after high school. Mr. Lown always relays scholarship and special program information to his students and their parents, and does what he can to ensure their success.
  • Paolino, Monroe Middle School: Her nominator described Ms. Paolino as, “An inspirer. An engager.” Emphasizing the importance of a positive mindset in both academics and all aspects of life, Ms. Paolino genuinely cares that her students grow happy and healthy.
  • Webb, Durfee Elementary/Middle School: Credited with helping a 5-year-old autistic student learn to read, count, identify shapes and colors and more, a parent said the following about Mrs. Webb: “In my opinion, she is an outstanding teacher and I’m so thankful she taught my child.”
Learning from Teacher of the Week
Learning from Teacher of the Week

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