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Humane Heroes
Humane Heroes

Ride-along ‘unleashes’ $100,000 gift to prevent animal cruelty, keep families together

Not too long ago, I had the privilege of joining the Animal Cruelty Unit of the Humane Society on a ride along.

What an eye-opening experience.

These people are amazing and do amazing work. They don’t just help animals that are victims, they educate pet owners, so they can improve their situation. No one wants to break up a family, so the Humane Society gives owners the materials and resources they need so their pets can live comfortably.

What struck me was the lack of technology the Humane Society workers had in their vans. After a few hours on the road, they had to go back to the office to get their next assignments and to complete paperwork. It was a huge time suck. If they had a computer in the van, like police officers do, they could complete their paperwork on the go, giving more animals (and families) the chance to be helped.

Then and there I decided to do something, to take action, so fewer animals have to wait for help. My pledge of $100,000 will go to update technology at the Humane Society, and get them much needed computers for their vans. I know how important pets are in a family, and it’s my hope that this donation will ensure fewer animals face cruelty or neglect.

I believe in the mission of the Humane Society and what it stands for, and personally, I owe a lot to them. Over the years, I’ve rescued two dogs from the Michigan Humane Society and both have brought me and my family incredible joy.

Shadow was my first rescue. A black Lab mix, he went everywhere with me—running, the office, errands. He really was my shadow, and I was lucky enough to have him in my life for 17 years.

I mourned Shadow when he left us. I didn’t know when I’d be ready to have another dog.

But four years ago, my daughters and I were at the Bow Wow Brunch, a fundraising event hosted by the Humane Society. As I was browsing the silent auction, two of my three daughters said there was a dog I had to see. I fended them off as long as I could, after all, I didn’t want another dog. Eventually I caved and that’s when I met Jessi.

One look and I was sold. She was such a sweet-tempered Terrier mix that I couldn’t resist. Within hours, we were at the pet store stocking up on everything Jessi would need.

I can’t imagine our family without her. In fact, when we moved the Mike Morse Law Firm to its current location, I negotiated the lease so Jessi could come to our “no dogs allowed” office with me, just like Shadow did.

I hit the jackpot with Shadow and Jessi. I think everyone should rescue a dog instead of paying for one through a breeder. These dogs deserve a forever home and in return, they’ll be a loyal and loving member of your family for years to come. It is a true win-win.

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Humane Heroes

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