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  • How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney: Do Your Homework Before Hiring

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney: Do Your Homework Before Hiring

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney: Do Your Homework Before Hiring

Have you needed to consult with a new doctor or dentist lately? Has an old home appliance suddenly gone on the fritz and needed replacement? Have you spent time shopping for a car, truck or SUV at a local dealership over the past few years? We’re willing to bet that in any of these situations you did some thorough online research before spending your hard-earned money. After all, it just makes sense to do some digging when you’re making a significant investment in your health, your home, or your car!

Needless to say, it would be wise to do the same when looking for the very best lawyer to have on your side. But after a car accident, your state of mind might not be ready for that kind of detailed work. You could find yourself experiencing intense physical and emotional pain … or perhaps even be confined to a hospital bed under mild sedation. Which is why we suggest taking the opportunity today to check out what makes someone a dependable, highly-rated, trustworthy personal injury attorney – so you’ll be well prepared ahead of time to make a smart decision if you’re ever unlucky enough to need one.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources out there beyond TV commercials, news stories, and any word-of-mouth recommendations you may receive from friends, colleagues and neighbors. (Though we firmly believe all of those sources can also provide worthwhile insights into the caliber of lawyers seeking to represent you!) Let’s outline some of the most credible and objective sources of information we know of that can help clients find the right personal injury law firms for their particular circumstances.

Sites That Rate Lawyers and Law Firms

Just like doctors and dentists are rated on sites like Healthgrades and WebMD, there are websites that allow clients to rate their lawyers and tell others firsthand about their experiences. One of the most comprehensive of these is Avvo.com, which has ratings for more than 97% of lawyers nationwide. Like many other rating sites, Avvo uses a five-star system with a lawyer who scores a five placed at the top of the scale. Another venerable source of peer-generated reviews of lawyers is Martindale-Hubble – which has been collecting data on law firms and publishing reliable peer reviews since 1896! A rating of “AV preeminent” is that firm’s highest score.

Sites That Rate Businesses

Since 1912, the Better Business Bureau has been helping consumers deal with local businesses by setting standards for ethical business behavior. BBB ratings are often considered the gold standard for judging whether a business is honest, responsive to customer needs, and a dependable member of the local community. The BBB rates law firms just like any other business, with scores ranging from a highly reliable A+ (which a business gets for scoring 97 or more BBB points) down to a dismal F (given to businesses scoring less than 60% on the BBB’s rating scale). It’s probably a good idea to check a law firm’s BBB score before giving them your business.

Sites That Rate Employers

It just makes sense that happy employees are more likely than unhappy workers to help keep customers and clients satisfied. Which is why it can be smart to check out such sources as Glassdoor.com and Indeed.com to see just how people who work at the law firm you’re considering are treated by their bosses. Employers with low worker satisfaction ratings are likely to see more staff turnover, resulting in dissatisfied clients. On the other hand, law firms where employees are considered valued assets and respected professionals will probably treat their clients with the same level of positive attention they enjoy on the job.

Sites That Rate Just About Anything 

Restaurants, hotels, college professors, hairdressers, even gas stations are being rated by thousands of people every day across the country. These genuine testimonials posted freely on such websites as GoogleFindLawNice LocalFacebook, and other websites, can help make the difference between a great experience and a horrible one. So, it should be no surprise that attorneys and law firms are also being regularly judged and reported upon by clients on these types of sites. Numbers don’t lie – so be sure to compare the volume of positive reviews that real people have left for any law firms you’re considering. A quick online search can be very revealing… and can help you by identifying any potential red flags.

Sites That Rate Professional Standing and Credentials

Beyond the more general websites that provide reviews on a cornucopia of products and services, there are some that drill down directly into the legal field. The lawyer directory at Justia.com lets you see reviews nationwide, statewide, and even in areas as small as a county or city. Just enter the lawyer’s name or choose a geographic area to search. The National Trial Lawyers Association, which is dedicated to promoting excellence in law, also has a ranking of the nation’s top practicing courtroom attorneys.

A Site Dedicated to a Single Law Firm 

Any or all of these resources can help you set your sights on the best lawyer to meet your specific needs. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our very own website, where we’ve posted several authentic testimonials from grateful clients who have experienced working with Mike Morse Law Firm on a firsthand basis. When you have a chance, we hope you’ll give it a quick look. And if you decide to work with us someday, perhaps your own experiences can be highlighted there down the road — we’re proud to say that Mike Morse Law Firm has four times the number of five-star reviews as our competitors! To get in touch with us and start a relationship we hope you’ll value just like our other clients, visit our contact page or call 855-MIKE-WINS (855-645-3946) today.

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney: Do Your Homework Before Hiring

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